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WIA Annual General Meeting 2016 - Norfolk Island

May 27, 28, & 29 2016

The WIA Annual General Meeting and Open Forum weekend is on May 27, 28, & 29. On Friday evening there will be a pre-booked informal dinner at the Norfolk RSL. The AGM starts at 9am on Saturday at the Paradise Hotel, followed by the Open Forum and a speakers program in the afternoon (lunch is included in the registration fee), while partners enjoy a pre-booked day tour of the island.

The Paradise hotel is also the venue for the AGM Dinner at 7pm on Saturday. The keynote speaker will be the Honourable Gary Hardgrave, Administrator of Norfolk Island. Guest speaker Doug McVeigh VK0DMV will also talk about his recent time at the Casey Station in the Australian Antarctic. On Sunday there will be an organised walk to Mt Bates for a SOTA Activation and a visit to Jacki Jacki on nearby Philip Island to activate the peak, dependent on the weather. The Philip Island tour will be at own cost and requires a high level of fitness. On Sunday evening there will be a traditional island Fish Fry at the Headstone Reserve. This is also included in the registration fee.

Friday Evening Dinner at Norfolk RSL

Enjoy an informal evening at the Norfolk RSL, located at Taylors Road Kingston. The RSL Sub-Branch was reformed late in 1945 when Norfolk Island personnel began to return to home from WWII. The evening meal is included in the registration fee and drinks are available for purchase.



Paradise Hotel










The popular Paradise Hotel will be the venue for Saturday activities. Centrally located on 11 acres of sub-tropical gardens, it is within easy access of a wide range of hotel accommodation.



The WIA 2015 AGM Canberra

The WIA Annual General Meeting and Open Forum

On Saturday morning the 28th May 2016 the Wireless Institute of Australia will conduct its Annual General Meeting of members. The AGM will be held at the Paradise Hotel, commencing at 9:00am.

The AGM will be followed by the presentation of awards, after which the Open Forum will commence with reports presented on all WIA activities over the year and the opportunity to raise any issue desired. Morning tea and coffee will be served at 10:30am, Lunch will be served at 1:00pm

NZART to send a representative to the WIA AGM

The close relationship between the Wireless Institute of Australia and the New Zealand Association of Radio Transmitters, has these neighbouring IARU member societies visit each other on alternative years. This year the NZART will send Neill Ellis ZL1TAJ, a Northern Region Councillor, to the WIA annual general meeting held on Norfolk Island in May. These bi-lateral meetings bring up mutual issues and some new ideas, with both the WIA and NZART benefitting by the exchanges and reports.



WIA to recognise its assessors

The WIA Exam Service introduced its trained and accredited assessors more than a decade ago, at the time when the Foundation Licence began. This was the last plank of the three-tiered qualification system for radio amateurs in Australia which also has the Standard and Advanced licences.

At the WIA annual general meeting in Canberra 2015, the WIA marked the 10 year milestone by honouring those assessors who had given a decade of service. In May 2016, as part of the WIA AGM on Norfolk Island, it will again honour and thank the second batch of its accredited assessors now achieving this milestone. All 39 will be named, thanked for being a key part of the WIA Exam Service, and given certificates to signify their 10 years of service.


Voice repeater VK9RNI for Norfolk Island

For two-weeks the Wireless Institute of Australia plans to have a 70-centre metre band voice repeater for at Norfolk Island and its annual general meeting to be held there in late May. A site of VK9RNI is Mount Bates, the highest point of Norfolk Island sitting at 319 metres above sea level is being proposed.

The repeater is expected to have an excellent coverage. It will have an output on 439.300MHz and input at 434.300 MHz. The device is now under an operational test. This will be help those who have hand-held transceivers, with contacts through it also qualifying for the Norfolk Island Award (details below)



Greeting from high altitude balloon

A pico party-type balloon will hopefully float over the South Pacific, and include a greeting message to the Wireless Institute of Australia annual general meeting and conference on Norfolk Island. Trackers will hear payload JT9 packets with the message: ‘WIA AGM VK9WI’, from the balloon PS-65, along with the normal data of its location, altitude, temperature, and battery condition.

Andy VK3YT has prepared the mylar foil-like non-metallic helium filled solar power pico balloon for the high altitude flight and the small low powered software payload. This will be the latest in his series of pico balloons including some having circumnavigated the Southern Hemisphere.

The greeting message is in response to a request from the WIA, and Andy VK3YT humbly accepts such a challenge. He explains that the transmission schedule has the greeting message in the first packet, twice per hour, when the battery is charged.

Its travel will be tracked on Norfolk Island during the WIA AGM, and by many other trackers in VK, ZL and worldwide. Good luck with PS-65 to be launched from Melbourne to mark the WIA AGM, members’ forum and events on Norfolk Island, May 27, 28, & 29.

Speakers and Topics

On Saturday afternoon a program of interesting topics will be presented in two streams, each having a short break for afternoon tea. An indicative list of presentations appear below, but may change later.


Room 1.

  • 1.10pm – 1.40pm - SOTA the impact in Australia & New Zealand, Peter Freeman VK3PF
  • 1.50pm – 2.25pm - Amateur Radio - past, present and future, Roger Harrison VK2ZRH
  • 2.30pm - Afternoon Tea
  • 2.55pm - 3.25pm Amateur Radio & Social Media (interactive forum), Andrew Mason VK4NDY
  • 3.30 – 3.55pm STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) the emerging aims of schools and the opportunities for Amateur Radio


Room 2.

  • 1.10pm – 1.40pm Storm-chasing what it’s about - Neill Ellis ZL1TAJ
  • 1.50pm – 2.25pm - Parks Activities as portable operation grows - Paul Simmonds VK5PAS
  • 2.30pm - Afternoon Tea
  • 2.50pm - 3.20pm Norfolk Island Navigation Aids, the Pacific Cable, WWII Radar and a bit of Amateur Radio History –John Anderson VK9JA.
  • 3.20 – 3.55pm Setting Up & Operating a DX station, Chris Chapman VK3QB & Luke Steele VK3HJ

Note: Rooms must be vacated at 4pm sharply



Museum on Norfolk Island

For some 50 years a Norfolk Island radio amateur has run a museum-type display which includes radio and navigation equipment used during World War II, and the Pacific Cable gear of 1902. That cable once linked the Northern Hemisphere Atlantic network to the Pacific, and had two cables from Norfolk Island, one to Australia and the other to New Zealand. John Anderson VK9JA also knows the story behind the Mt Bates radar and history of ham radio on Norfolk Island. For the WIA annual general meeting and associated events, he has offered to speak about his museum and the history of Amateur Radio on the island.


Saturday Tour For Partners

The WIA hopes that partners will also choose to come to the WIA AGM weekend of activities. The weekend planning includes an optional Saturday tour of Norfolk Island for partners.


Saturday Evening Annual Dinner

Saturday Evening Annual Dinner
The buffet WIA Annual Conference Dinner will be held in the Paradise Hotel with bar service. Keynote speaker is The Honourable Gary Hardgrave, Administrator of Norfolk Island, and guest speaker Doug McVeigh VK0DMV on his recent time at the Casey Station in the Australian Antarctic, and twice being VI0ANZAC during the WIA ANZAC 100 program. The cost of the meal is included in the registration fee.


HF Radio Station


VI9ANZAC A HF radio station VI9ANZAC will be activated and visitors are welcome to operate. It will be the final Australian callsign area in the WIA ANZAC 100 program, to commemorate the Australian and New Zealand troops who landed at Gallipoli in 1915. While on Norfolk Island you may use your own VK callsign/9


WIA Award for Norfolk Island - Rules

The DX entity Norfolk Island during the Wireless Institute of Australia annual general meeting and events in May 2016, has a limited edition operating award available. Called the Norfolk Island Award, it requires contact with stations over a two week period (May-June) 2016 that include the Wireless Institute of Australia annual general meeting. There will be plenty of activity at this DX entity in what is believed to be the biggest Amateur Radio DXpedition of its kind.

The Norfolk Island Award is expected to be popular with the wallpaper chasers and DXers throughout the world. It includes the VI9ANZAC commemorative station, DX station VK9NT, WIA Stations VK9WI and VK9WIA, QRP activity, SOTA visits, and individual callsigns that take advantage of being on the DX entity.i

To qualify, those on Norfolk Island need to log 20 other stations on Norfolk Island (local contacts), while all other operators have to log 10 contacts on Norfolk Island. Each qualifying station may be worked once only on a frequency band, but if contacted on another band will also qualify. Claims for the Norfolk Island Award must include an extract of qualifying contacts, payment of $5, and sent to: WIA Office, PO Box 2042, Bayswater Victoria, Aust, 3153.


Sunday Evening Traditional Island Fish Fry.

Sunday evening a traditional island Fish Fry will be at the Headstone Reserve. This is included in the registration fee.


Air Travel to Norfolk

Please note : A passport is required to travel to Norfolk Island. Cars, bicycles and buses are available for hire. Specialist tours such as diving, fishing; walking, bird watching and swimming can be arranged through the tourist bureau on the Island. If anyone would like to add car hire to the package this is easily done. At the moment Car hire is a cost of $41 per day per vehicle including compulsory premium fees. We can be advised of this at time of booking or cars can be added in at a later date.




South Pacific Resort Hotel

South Pacific Resort Hotel
Taylors Road, Burnt Pine,
Norfolk Island 2899, South Pacific
Telephone: + 6723 22166
Website :



Paradise Hotel

Paradise Hotel
Queen Elizabeth Avenue
Norfolk Island, 2899 South Pacific
Telephone: +6723 22177
Website :



Governors Lodge

Governors Lodge
Queen Elizabeth Drive
Norfolk Island NSW 2899
Telephone: +6723 24400
Website :




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