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WIA Broadcast Team News Editors

The WIA is in urgent need of Broadcast News Editors. This important role generates material for the presenters and anchors.

The regular sourcing and editing of material is the foundation that the broadcast is built on. The role has some flexibility to define and manage broadcast templates. This is a critical role and one the WIA Board wants shared across a team of people.

Are you good with sourcing amateur radio news from the various sources and the Internet? Are you good at writing and proofing textual material and promoting our great hobby? You should be good at organising yourself, and have time management and planning skills.

For more information take a look at the documents on the website Broadcast Team Terms of Reference Link and Broadcast Team Roles Link and let us know your interest send an email to

Northern Territory (VK8) Inwards QSL Manager

To register your interest in assisting the WIA as its QSL Operations in VK8 please visit this Link

About this opportunity

Key Duties:
  sorting of incoming QSL cards,
  dispatching of sorted cards to NT Amateurs and Radio Clubs,
  communications with other State and Territory QSL Managers and the National WIA Incoming and Outgoing Bureaux as required,
  Provide education aligned with the WIA QSL Policy for the Northern Territory Radio Clubs and members of the WIA.
Other Duties:
  Liaise with Outwards, State and Territory QSL Bureaux and members when necessary.
  Work with the QSL Card Committee as required.
  Respond to, and securely file, all QSL correspondence and documentation.
  Maintain records related to the number of cards distributed on a yearly basis.
  Provide NT input into an annual report to the WIA on Bureaux operations
  Keep relevant stakeholders informed of the QSL activities.

The successful applicant should possess an understanding, and good knowledge, of the WIA QSL Bureau operations.
The successful applicant will be a member of the QSL Card Committee

Additional requirements - WIA Member, access to a computer and the internet. It is desirable that the occupant resides in the Northern Territory.

Spectrum Strategy Committee

  Phil Wait VK2ASD - Board member
  Peter Young VK3MV - Regulatory Counsel
  Roger Harrison VK2ZRH

Regulatory Liaison Sub-committee
  Phil Wait VK2ASD - ACMA Liason
  Dale Hughes VK1DSH - ITU Specialist

Repeaters, Beacons & Frequency Coordination Sub-committee
  Peter Mill VK3APO - Co-ordinator

Standards, Interference & EMR Sub-committee
  Phil Wait VK2ASD - Co-ordinator
  John Bishop VK2ZOI
  Gilbert Hughes VK1GH
  Rob Milliken VK1RM

IARU Monitoring Service Sub-committee
  Peter Young VK3MV - Monitoring System Coordinator

Technical Advisory Sub-committee
  John Martin VK3KM - Co-ordinator
  Rex Moncur VK7MO
  Paul Bell VK5BX
  Walter Howse VK6KZ
  Barry White VK2AAB
  Bill Sebbens VK4XZ
  Peter Freeman VK3PF
  Paul Paradigm VK2TXT
  Peter Westerhof VK1NPW
  John Woolner VK1ET
  Peter Cossins VK3BFG
  Eddie Saunders VK6ZSE
  Peter Mill VK3APO

Administrative And Financial Committee

  WIA Treasurer - vacant
  Jim Linton VK3PC - WIA Company Secretary
  Phil Wait VK2ASD - WIA Board member
  Fred Swainston VK3DAC

Affiliated Clubs Committee

  Phil Wait VK2ASD - WIA Board member

Club Grants Sub-Committee
  Reg Emmett VK7KK - Committee leader
  Peter Lowe VK3CKD
  Bill Main VK4ZD

Communications And Marketing

  Robert Broomhead VK3DN - Committee leader
  Roger Harrison VK2ZRH - Deputy leader
  Jim Linton VK3PC
  Phil Wait VK2ASD

Publications (AR & Call book) Sub-committee
  Peter Freeman VK3PF - AR magazine Editor
  Callbook Editor (Vacant)

Publications Committee
  Kaye Wright VK3FKDW
  Peter Gibson VK3AZL
  Ewen Templeton VK3OW
  Peter Hartfield VK3PH
  John Morrissey VK3ZRX

AR Advertising Sales Sub-committee
  Fred Swainston VK3DAC

Website and Social Media Sub-committee
  Roger Harrison VK2ZRH- Social media
  Robert Broomhead VK3DN - Webmaster

AGM Sub-committee
  Robert Broomhead VK3DN
  The Local Club selected.

WIA Weekly News Broadcast

Broadcast Team Terms of Reference Link
Broadcast Team Roles Link

Team Leader

  Graham Kemp VK4BB
  John Williams VK4JJW
  Robert Broomhead VK3DN

  Kerrie Taylor VK2FKND
  Kimberley Olsen VK2KMI
  Lewis Blume – VK2FLJB
  Peter Dowde VK7PD

Regular Contributors
  Geoff Emery VK4ZPP
  Kimberley Olsen VK2KMI

  Jason Daniels VK2LAW
  Col Herbert VK3LED
  Felix Scerri VK4FUQ
  Brett Marley VK7FTAS
  John Williams VK4JJW
  Bruce Lees VK3FFF

Callback Compiling
Email Address
  Gordon Taylor VK4VP
  Peter Fauth VK4NBL

Education Committee

  Fred Swainston VK3DAC - Co-Leader
  Owen Holmwood VK2AEJ - Co-leader
  Ron Bertrand VK2DQ
  Jim Linton VK3PC
  Peter Young VK3MV
  Dale Hughes VK1DSH
  Robert Broomhead VK3DN

Community Services Committee

  Bob Bristow VK6POP - Committee leader
  Fred Swainston VK3DAC
  Greg James VK2SM
  Ewan McLeod VK4ERM
  Paul Hoffmann VK5PH

Radio Activities Committee

  Committee Leader (Vacant)

Contests Sub-Committee
  Alan Shannon VK4SN
  Denis Johnstone VK3ZUX
  John Martin VK3KM
  Tony Burt VK3TZ
  Kevin Johnston VK4UH
  Colin Hutchesson VK5DK

Awards Sub-Committee
  Marc Hillman VK3OHM
  Bob Robinson VK3SX - Coordinator/National Awards Manager
  Alek Petkovic VK6APK
  David Mcauley VK3EW
  Paul Simmonds VK5PAS
  John Seamons VK3JLS
  Graham Alston VK3GA

ARDF Sub-committee
  Jack Bramham VK3WWW - Co-ordinator

ARISS Sub-Committee
  Shane Lynd VK4KHZ - Co-ordinator
  Tony Hutchison VK5ZAI - Telebridge

QSL Card Committee

  Team leader John Seamons VK3JLS - WIA National & Inwards QSL Manager
  Alex Efimov VK2ZM (VK2) - National Outwards QSL Manager
  John Clare VK1CJ (VK1)
  Max Chadwick VK3WT (VK3)
  June Sim VK4SJ (VK4)
  Chris Platt VK5CP (VK5)
  Alex Petkovic VK6AP (VK6)
  Herman Westerhof VK7HW (VK7)
  Vacant (VK8)
  Mike Adams VK3KMA QSL Inwards Operations Manager

Historical And Archives Committee

  Peter Wolfenden VK3RV - Committee Leader
  Roger Harrison VK2ZRH - Deputy Leader
  Linda Luther VK7QP
  Martin Luther VK7GN
  Jenny Wardrop VK3WQ
  Will McGhie VK6UU
  Ian Morris VK3IFM
  Drew Diamond VK3XU
  David Wardlaw VK3ADW
  Terry Mowles VK5TM

New Initiatives Committee

  Phil Wait VK2ASD - Board member
  Robert Broomhead VK3DN
  Roger Harrison VK2ZRH
  Jim Linton VK3PC - WIA Company Secretary

IT Services Committee

  Robert Broomhead VK3DN - Committee leader & Webmaster
  Marc Hillman VK3OHM - Assistant Webmaster Programmer
  Roger Harrison VK2ZRH - Website Content reviewer
  Jim Linton VK3PC - Website Content reviewer

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