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WIA membership fees are as listed below

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WIA Membership Fees - All prices listed are inclusive of GST.

Please note fees may change without notice :

WIA Membership - Australian address only
  Full Membership One Year - $95.00
  Full Membership Five Year - $451.00
  Concession Membership * One Year - $80.00
  Concession Membership * Five Year - $380.00
  Full Time Student Membership One Year - $35.00
  Family Membership One Year - $36.00

WIA Membership - Overseas address
  Overseas Membership One Year - $105.00
  Overseas Membership Five Year - $500.00

Concessional membership is only available to holders of a Commonwealth Concession Card.

Student membership is only available to holders of a university student card noting full time or part time status,
full time or part time Vocational Education Training Students, High School or Primary School students
or Commonwealth NEIS scheme participants.

Membership applications must be accompanied by details of the concession entitlement card.

Examination Services and Callsign Application Fees inclusive of GST.

Examination Service
  Foundation assessment includes practical assessment age Adult - $70.00
  Foundation assessment includes practical assessment age Under 18 - $35.00
  Practical assessment taken alone - $65.00
  Standard or Advanced theory assessment - $70.00
  Regulations assessment - $70.00
  RPL assessment - $100.00
  Issue replacement certificate - $10.00

Callsign Recommendations
  Callsign Recommendation Level one - $5.00
  Callsign Recommendation Level two - $20.00
  Callsign Recommendation Level three - $48.00
  Callsign Recommendation Level four - $25.00
  Callsign Recommendation Level five - $20.00
  Callsign Recommendation Level six - $20.00

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