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WIA Assessors

The Assessment System

The WIA administers all Amateur Radio assessments under an agreement with the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA).

This system is an assessment of competency for the qualifications needed to seek a licence from the ACMA. It relies on WIA Assessors who are trained and qualified by the WIA's Nominated Training Organisation and accredited and registered by the WIA.

The WIA Assessors provide the Practical Assessment and also mark the written multi-choice papers. If your assessment was successful you will be told by the WIA Assessor, who will also give you feedback and assistance if you were found to be not yet competent. A list of Assessors and their contact details can be found on the WIA website on the left hand side menu of this web page.

The WIA Assessors are supported by Nominated Assessors, who are qualified by the WIA nominated training organisation, and are responsible for assisting and auditing WIA Assessors, determining Recognition of Prior Learning Assessments and undertaking Special Assessments for candidates with a disability or in remote areas..



Learning Facilitators and Learning Organisers

The WIA also registers Learning Facilitators who are often the Learning Organisers within the clubs. These people provide training and assistance the WIA Assessors. The Learning Organiser is often the person approached by potential candidates. A list of Learning Facilitators and Learning Organisers can be found on the left hand side menu of this web page.








The Role Of The WIA

The WIA produces Assessment Packs for all three grades of licence. These packs are sent only to WIA Assessors for use in assessing candidates. After an assessment the WIA Assessor sends all completed assessment packs contents back to the WIA, where the results are checked and registered. If the candidate has obtained all the qualifications necessary, the WIA then produces a certificate for the ACMA to issue a relevant licence.


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