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Assessment Resources

Assessment Documents

Generic Assessment Documents

To ensure a high level of accessibility to current assessment resources, generic material and forms are available below for WIA Assessors to download.

For any further information on Assessment materials, such as access to vision impaired materials, please contact the WIA National office on (03) 9729 0400

Files For Download

ACMA LCD - 2015
Radiocommunications_Licence Conditions_Amateur_Licence_Determination_2015.pdf

ACMA Licence Application Form
AMATEUR1 - Application for apparatus licence(s) - Amateur Non-Assigned - Aug 2015-1.pdf

Assessment Form - Form 1
Form 1 Assessment Form.pdf

Payments Received By Assessor - Form 2
Payments Received By Assessor.pdf

Practical Assessment - Form 4
Form 4 Practical Assessment.pdf

Assessment Asssessor Evaluation - Form 5
Form 5 Assessment-Assessor Evaluation Form.pdf

Assessment Form - Remote - Form 7
Form 7 Assessment Form -Remote.pdf

Written Examination Query Report - Form 11
Written Examination Query Report.pdf

Practical Assessment Vision Impaired - Form 12
Form 12 Practical Assessment Vision Impaired.pdf

Standard Level RPL Assessment Form - Form 13
Form 13 RPL Standard.pdf

Advanced Level RPL Assessment Form - Form 14
Form 14 RPL Advanced.pdf

RPL Outcomes Form - Form 15
Form 15 RPL Outcomes.pdf

WIA Complaint Form - Form 18
WIA Complaint Form General_V2.3 March 2017.pdf

WIA Callsign Appliction Form For Use With Assessment
WIA Callsign Form V2.PDF

Asssessors Logbook

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