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Assessment Resources

Vision Impaired Resources

Resources For Conducting Assessments For The Vision Impaired

The WIA is able to offer assessments for vision impaired candidates. A vision impaired person wishing to be assessed must advise a WIA Assessor or Learning Organiser that they wish to be assessed for an Amateur Radio Examination.

A medical certificate must be provided as per the Assessment Instructions. The WIA Assessor or Learning Organiser shall advise the WIA Examination Service of the requirement to assess a visually impaired person. In some instance the candidate may go directly to the WIA Examination Service.

All assessments of visually impaired persons shall be conducted by a Nominated Assessor appointed for that assessment by the WIA Exam Service, who will conduct the assessment under the direction of the WIA's nominated training organisation. The assessment may be conducted in the candidates home.

The WIA will provide an assessment kit for the visually impaired person. The files below show some of the resources available in the assessment kit.

Files For Download

Vision Impaired Practical Assessent Resources
Vision Impaired.pdf

LDG Talking WattMeter
LDG Talking Wattmeter.pdf

LDG Talking WattMeter Audio Demonstration

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