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Foundation Licence

Foundation Documentation

The Foundation Licence Syllabus

The Amateur Licence may be obtained by persons holding the Amateur Operator’s Certificate of Proficiency (Foundation) (AOCP( F)). The Foundation Amateur Licence is considered to be the entry level for Amateur radio in Australia. The syllabus and related examination for the AOCP( F) correspondingly reflects the minimum level of knowledge, skills and experience required to safely assemble a Foundation Amateur station and to operate it safely without interference to other users and services.

Download The Foundation Licence Syllabus


The Foundation Licence Assessment Procedure

The Assessment is the formal process of gathering evidence and making a judgement about a person’s ability to perform activities to the specified standards. The standards are defined, in the case of amateur radio, in the syllabus document; therefore the standards become the basis of learning for amateur radio. This proposed framework outlines an assessment system that has been developed to effectively provide the following:

  • Consistent and accurate information about a person’s competency in relation to amateur radio
  • Feedback, allowing both formal and informal courses and other learning approaches to be evaluated and improved to ensure that they are appropriate
  • A method of identifying competency for safety purposes
  • The basis for learning needs analysis to ensure that appropriate learning opportunities are offered
  • A method for people to be given fair recognition for the skills and knowledge that they possess information which will contribute to the improvement of skills levels within amateur radio
  • A link between a quality system and the acquisition of competencies.

Download The Foundation Licence Assessment Procedure


The ACMA Licence Condition Determination

The Radiocommunications Licence Conditions (Amateur Licence) Determination 2008 contains licence conditions for Radio Amateurs. These conditions include the type of communications permitted, with whom the operator is permitted to communicate, callsign usage and relevant transmission parameters.

Downlaod The ACMA LCD - 2015 version


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