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The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) is Australia's regulator for radiocommunications, telecommunications, broadcasting and the intenet. ACMA allocates access to spectrum through three licence types, Apparatus, Spectrum or Class licence.

Amateur station licences fall under the Apparatus Licence provisions and are issued by the ACMA who may grant licences based on existing qualifications. For example, the issue of an Australian Advanced Licence on the on the basis of a Harmonised Amateur Radio Examination Certificate (HAREC) licence or the issue of an Australian licence on the basis of an overseas qualification that is recognised by Australia.

The ACMA at the time of issuing an amateur station licence under these arrangements will endorse the licence with a special condition stating that the licence cannot be used to obtain a qualification certificate.

Similarly, the WIA will not issue a Amateur Operators Certificate of Proficiency on the basis of these arrangements.

Applicants wishing to use these provisions must apply for a callsign recommendation from the WIA. See the section on call signs for details and applicaton forms.

For more information on ACMA Licensing requirements via this Link

Visiting Amateurs from overseas countries may use their existing licence while in Australia. For more information visit the WIA site via this Link

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