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Callsigns are used to identify all Amateur Radio stations. Before applying for a station licence from the ACMA, you need to apply to the WIA first to obtain a Callsign Recommendation Certificate and pay the prescribed fee. Such a recommendation normally expires 28 days after issue.

A callsign recommendation is part of all WIA Assessment Sessions. See below Note 1.

Callsigns have different parts to them. The prefix VK is for the country Australia, then follows a geographic indicator numeral for the state or territory, and the suffix or following letters that signify the type of licence.

You must only apply for a callsign that meets your licence application and qualifications. Further details are under 'Amateur Callsign Structure' indexed at the left, or included in the download 'Complete Guide to Callsigns' found below.

For a Club Station or Repeater/Beacon callsign recommendation form, please contact the WIA office.

WIA Callsign Recommendation Certificate - brief guide

Level One - next available callsign: If you don't care what callsign is recommended, download an application form Level One at the bottom of this page.

Level Two - particular callsign option: If If you want to select a particular suffix combination in your callsign, then check if it's available in the WIA Public List of Available Callsigns - see index to the left that is updated daily. (This does not involve two letter callsigns in Vic, NSW & QLD which are Level Three). In the case of two letter callsigns, an empty display means none is available at that time. Your first choice is not always available, so it is recommended that more than one potential callsign be listed with an application.

Level Three - Two letter callsigns listed in Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland: If: In the event that more than one person seeks a WIA Recommendation of the same two letter callsign within 7 working days of that callsign being placed on the Public List, a ballot will be conducted. See further details below Note 2.

Level Four - Special Event callsigns: If These normally need to be made well in advance of the planned activity and in accordance with the requirements set out by the ACMA. Telephone the WIA office at (03) 9729 0400 on a Working Day between 9 am and 3 pm, or email the WIA at nationaloffice@

After receiving the application form, copy of certificate of proficiency and payment, the WIA issues a Recommendation Certificate. This certificate must be attached to the ACMA licence application form (Amateur1) and sent to the ACMA for licence processing.

Fees are payable by cheque, money order, or credit card:
  Level One [Next any available callsign] $5 including GST;
  Level Two [Selected two, three or four letter callsign, except two letter callsigns in Vic, NSW & QLD] $20 including GST
  Level Three [two letter callsign Vic, NSW & Qld] $48 including GST
  Level Four [Special Callsigns] $25 including GST.

Note 1: Level One and Level Two applications and payments are made by candidates found competent and qualified for a licence, are part of all payments sent by WIA Assessors to the WIA Exam Service.

Note 2: All unsuccessful Level Three applications in a ballot are kept by the WIA until the ACMA issues a licence for the balloted two letter callsign. The WIA recommendation normally expires in 28 days. If another callsign becomes available during this period, the applicants are asked if they want to be included in that ballot. After this time, payments made by unsuccessful applicants are refunded.

Files For Download

Callsign Recommendation Level One Form
Callsign Recommendation Application Form_V2.6 Level 1.pdf

Callsign Recommendation Level Two Form
Callsign Recommendation Application Form_V2.8 Level 2.pdf

Callsign Recommendation Level Three Form
Callsign Recommendation Application Form_V2.11 Level 3.pdf

Complete Guide to Callsigns
Complete Guide to Call Signs Rev 2-2 May 2018-1.pdf

ACMA Licence Application Form
AMATEUR1 - Application for apparatus licence(s) - Amateur Non-Assigned - Aug 2015-1.pdf

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