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This information is provided for the benefit of WIA members.

From the 2nd March 2009 the WIA has taken responsibility for the management of amateur station call signs, including repeaters, beacons and special call signs. Before applying for an amateur station licence from the ACMA, you will first need to apply to the WIA to obtain a callsign recommendation.

Simple Guide for Obtaining a Selected Callsign Recommendation from the WIA

Step 1 - If you wish to apply for a licence from the ACMA and don’t care what call sign you receive, you can download an application form (Level One) at the bottom of this page. If, however, you want to select a particular combination of letters in your callsign go to Step 2.

Step 2 - Go to the WIA Public List of Available Callsigns – see index to the left.

Step 3 - Select a particular State, then select the type of licence, then select either two, three or four letter combination and then select Search. A list of available callsigns will be displayed at the bottom of the page. If you don’t select any letters, all of available callsigns will be displayed – this can be quite a large list. In the case of two letter callsigns, due to demand you may not see any callsigns displayed. This means that in a particular state there are none available and you will have to try again the following day(s). The WIA Public List of Available Callsigns is updated daily.

In the event that more than one person seeks a Recommendation in respect of the same two letter callsign in Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland within 7 Working Days of that callsign being placed on the Public List, a ballot will be conducted in accordance with the "Complete Guide to Callsigns" below.

Step 4 - At the bottom of this page you can down load an application form depending on the type of licence you will be applying for or requesting of variation of an existing amateur station licence (change of callsign).

Step 5 - Complete the selected Application for a callsign and forward this to the WIA to the address indicated on the form. Further instructions are attached to each particular form.

Step 6 - Upon receipt of the application form and money, the WIA will issue and post a recommendation certificate to you. This certificate must be attached to the ACMA licence application form (R057) and forwarded to the ACMA for licence processing.

The WIA application fees for call sign recommendations are as follows:

  Level One [Next any available callsign] $5 including GST;
  Level Two [Selected two, three or four letter callsign, except two letter callsigns in Vic, NSW & QLD] $20.00 including GST
  Level Three [two letter callsign Vic, NSW & Qld] $48.00 including GST
  Level Four [Special Callsigns] $25.00 including GST.

For a Club or Repeater/Beacon callsign recommendation form, please contact the national WIA office during office hours.

Payment may be made by cheque or money order, or by credit card by completion of the card details on the form or by telephone to the WIA office, or included in the moneys accepted by a WIA Assessor in accordance with the Assessment Instructions.

For a more detail explanation of the management of call signs please download the file – Complete Guide to Callsigns – below

Files For Download

Callsign Recommendation Level One Form
Callsign Recommendation Application Form_V2.6 Level 1.pdf

Callsign Recommendation Level Two Form
Callsign Recommendation Application Form_V2.8 Level 2.pdf

Callsign Recommendation Level Three Form
Callsign Recommendation Application Form_V2.11 Level 3.pdf

Complete Guide to Callsigns
Complete Guide to Call Signs Rev 1.pdf

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