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Amateur Radio June 2007


Delivery of AR

Well, I guess that this may be telling – how many of you read my Editorial? An issue of which the Publications Committee (PubComm) has been aware for some time is the apparent delays in our distribution system to some areas. Some members are reporting that they see the magazine on the news stands before their “subscription” copy arrives via the mail. The factors are many, not the least of which is the very efficient system used for newsagent delivery. To allow all involved in the publication and distribution chain to gain a better, fact-based understanding of the realities, I ask all with access to email to send us a brief message (via email):

Send your email to:
Subject: June AR delivery

Keep the body of the message simple: Your callsign, postcode and date of delivery via the mail (e.g. VK3KAI, 3842, 9 May – the details for arrival here of the May issue – but use the date for THIS issue!).

We will collate the data to assist us in future planning of production schedules.

Software revisions
One of the “joys” of life (and often the source of great frustration) is the updating of computer software and/or hardware! Most who have purchased a new “PC” computer recently find the latest version of the Windows® operating system installed. Past experience has made many wary of being an “early adopter” of new software, including (or especially) OS software!

The change brought a new version of the “standard” office “productivity” suite. This may be fine for some, but the latest version of Office® brings with it a completely new document format. Those with an older version cannot read a file created with the new software without the appropriate converter file.

I ask that all contributors, until advised otherwise, save any document created with the new MS Office 2007 suite in the MS Office 2003 format. This is a simple task – do not just hit Save when you have finished the document. Instead (or in addition), use the File Save As command, and choose the Office 2003 (e.g. Word 2003) format to save the file, using a different file name if necessary.

On this broad subject, it was interesting to note at the Parkes AGM weekend that several functions at the Radio Telescope, notably including the antenna pointing software, is still running on a PDP-11 computer with largely the original software: reliable hardware and software combinations are far more important in some applications than upgrading to the “latest and greatest”!

AGM weekend

What a terrific (unofficial) long weekend – I have just returned from Parkes. It was a long weekend in many senses. Within an hour of commencing my journey, I struck a cold front that was moving into eastern Victoria. The drive suddenly required a significantly higher level of concentration! In due course, Robert VK3KRB and I commenced the long road journey, via Shepparton, Tocumwal, Narrandera, West Wyalong (with a few hours sleep) and finally on to Parkes.

On arrival, Robert checked that all arrangements were in train, including those at the Radio Telescope. This “check” had an unexpected benefit – Robert and I had a personalised tour as a “preview” of the planned tours on Sunday. On the Friday afternoon, several Directors, partners and a few others, were taken on the tour, so increasing the total number of members that could participate in Sunday’s tour.

The rest of the weekend proceeded well. An excellent crowd attended the AGM and provided a range of questions and valuable feedback during the Open Forum. The Dinner included an excellent presentation by Mike VK3UBM on amateur rocketry and ATV, and was followed by a screening of the movie “The Dish”. The former generated much interest, the latter much mirth on several occasions! On Sunday, approximately 120 people participated in the technical tours – a rare privilege! Our thanks must go to Brett, John, John and all others from the facility involved. Special thanks must go to Robert VK3KRB for coordinating the program for the weekend. My perception was that all who attended had a great time.


Table Of Contents


Page 5 - 2007 WIA Grants scheme launched Ken Fuller VK4KF
Page 16 - A visit to the shack of Glenn VK4TZL Ray Elliott VK4BLK
Page 28 - Postcards from Parkes. A photographic essay of the AGM weekend Robert Broomhead VK3KRB, Peter Freeman VK3KAI and Chris Morley VK3CJK.


Page 5 - More mysterious manifestations of the “Rusty Bolt Effect” Felix Scerri VK4FUQ
Page 6 - The 'IH-Vert-tenna' Paul Stampton VK3IH
Page 10 - Class-E AM/CW transmitter for 1.8 MHz Drew Diamond VK3XU
Page 18 - A high power 4:1 HF balun Ron Sanders VK2WB
Page 20 - A simple wideband return loss bridge revisited Paul McMahon VK3DIP

A visit to the shack of Glenn VK4TZL

Author: Ray Elliott VK4BLK

Ray Elliot describes the effort made by Glenn VK4TZL in the development of his shack, equipment and antennas.

You can download the file below.

Postcards from Parkes. A photographic essay of the AGM weekend

Authors: Robert Broomhead VK3KRB, Peter Freeman VK3KAI and Chris Morley VK3CJK. Text by VK3KAI

A colour 2-page spread gives readers some snippets from the WIA AGM weekend in Parkes, including some of the hard-to-get-to-see areas at the radio teelscope.

he 'IH-Vert-tenna'

Author: Paul Stampton VK3IH

Paul describes how you can build the 'IH-Vert-tenna': an easily constructed, adaptable antenna for lightweight portable SSB or FM VHF/UHF use. Parts are easy to find and total cost is less than $30 with all new parts.

You can download the file below.

A simple wideband return loss bridge revisited

Author: Paul McMahon VK3DIP

Paul describes how to build and use a simple wide-band return loss bridge - a very handy item of test equipment with many uses.

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Files For Download

A visit to the shack of Glenn VK4TZL
AR June 2007 - VK4TZL_Shack.pdf

The 'IH-Vert-tenna'
AR June 2007 - IHVert-tenna.pdf

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