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Caboolture 137 kHz Beacon
The ACMA has granted permission for continuous operation of a Beacon on 137.444 kHz.

Callsign VK4RBC
Location Caboolture
Maidenhead QG62lw
Frequency 137.444 kHz
Mode WSPR2 (6H00F1D) plus CW Ident
Power 1 Watt EIRP
Antenna 500m Long Wire, 40m high
TX % 50 %
Status On Air

In the gaps between transmission, the station will report all WSPR decodes to
Information from Roger Crofts, VK4YB
President Caboolture Radio Club Inc.

New 6 Metre Beacon Frequencies
50.456 VK5RBV proposed new frequency (replacing 50.315)
144.456, 432.456, 1296.456 VK5RBV proposed additional frequencies
50.458 VK5RSE proposed additional frequency

New VK3RRL Beacon
New beacon VK3RRL proposed for 28.253 MHz at Lang Lang

Worldwide beacon information

The IBP HF beacons
For the latest details on the operating status and transmission schedules of the IBP HF beacons, click this Link to the NCDXF web site.

New Zealand beacon and repeater lists:
Click this Link to the NZART web site.

Useful beacon lists:
 Worldwide List of HF Beacons by G3USF - click this Link
 Worldwide 50 MHz Beacon List by G3USF - click this Link
 Worldwide beacon lists by DL8WX: click this Link

The WIA Beacon Data Base

We aim to keep our beacon listing up to date - but for this we depend on information from our fellow amateurs. If you are aware of any additions, changes or corrections that need to be made to the beacon listing, please send the details to tac (at)

Latest updates to the data base

26 Feb - 10 metre update (tnx VK3XPT)
23 Apr - typo corrected
23 July - changes/additions for VK5RBV, VK5RSE
10 Dec - updates for VK3RMH (deleted), VK3RRL

Files For Download

Latest Beacon List
Aust Beacon Listing 181210.pdf

List of IBP HF Beacons (but check the IBP web site for latest updates)
Beacons HF IBP.pdf

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