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Ham Radio for Arduino and PICAXE
Leigh L. Klotz Jr. - WA5ZNU
$96.00 - WIA Members Price (inc GST)

Editor Leigh L. Klotz, Jr, WA5ZNU has assembled this first edition of Ham Radio for Arduino and PICAXE to help introduce you to the fun and rewards of experimenting with microcontrollers. Klotz and many other contributors have designed projects that will enhance your ham radio station and operating capabilities.

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Storm Spotting and Amateur Radio
Michael Corey W5MPC & Victor Morris AH6WX
$45.00 - WIA Members Price (inc GST)

Amateur Radio: Your opportunity to participate in severe weather reporting.

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The ABC's of Software Defined Radio
Martin Ewing AA6E
$66.00 - WIA Members Price (inc GST)

Why Your Next Radio Will Be SDR

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The ARRL Image Commmunications Handbook
Dr. Ralph E. Taggart, WB8DQT
$33.00 - WIA Members Price (inc GST)


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