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Feedback called for on proposed changes to safety of navigation and radio equipment.

The latest on last Wednesday's ARISS contact with the International Space Station.


In WIA front page news .... that's on the home page of,
we see that AMSA seeks input on radio & navigation changes.

"Critical coms" news says that the Australian Maritime Safety Authority
(AMSA) is calling for feedback on proposed changes to safety of
navigation and radio equipment.

Marine order 27 provides information about:

radio equipment and communications,
navigation safety measures and equipment,
danger, urgency and distress signals and messages.

A proposed new Marine order 27 (Safety of navigation and radio
equipment) will amend the order to allow other approved operators
to provide mobile satellite services within the Global Maritime
Distress and Safety System.

The consultation is open until Wednesday, 2 October 2019.
Following the consultation period, it is proposed amendments
will come into effect on 1 January 2020.


Phone jamming trial, the real 'cell' phone story.

Contraband mobile phones should be useless if Goulburn Correctional
Centre's mobile phone jamming trial is going to plan.

The trial which began on 26 August saw a mobile phone jamming
system installed around the facility and activated in High Risk
Management Correctional Centre 2. The system, which will later be
rolled out in the rest of the facility and Supermax, is designed
to not penetrate beyond the complex's boundaries, leaving the
community's mobile devices unaffected, according to the
New South Wales Department of Communities and Justice.

The ACMA allowed for the phone-jamming trial by making an exemption
to the Radiocommunications Act 1992, the DoCJ said.

The technology will make a significant improvement to the centre's
security because any phones that do get smuggled in won't be able
to connect to the network and, therefore, can't be used for

Phone-jamming technology was first trialled at Lithgow Correctional
Centre in 2013 where it remains in operation, and has since been



Not a WIA Member? details email
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WIA board minutes can be found on click
WIA Information.

Directors heard usually as follows
Greg VK2GPK (President), Peter VK8ZZ (Secretary),
Mike VK8MA, Aidan VK4APN, Harry VK6YBZ

No Board Comment 22nd September 2019 ... sorry!


Last Wednesday evening at Templestowe College near Melbourne in VK3, the latest ARISS ISS contact took place. Using the magic of Amateur Radio, students spoke with astronaut Nick Hague KG5TMV on board the International Space Station as it did one of its approximately 16 orbits of Earth a day.

<short audio grab of the contact>

ARRIS and ISS .... you can find out MUCH more about this fascinating event by going to the YouTube streaming link advertised in the news release on the WIA website, and watch the video. A great way to catch all the best bits is to fast forward to the 1 hour 5 minute mark, the beginning of the evening's formalities.


INTERNATIONAL NEWS with thanks to IARU, RSGB, SARL, Southgate AR Club,
ARRL, RAC, NZART, AMATEUR RADIO NEWSLINE & the World Wide sources of
the WIA.


Radio World reports North Korea has returned to digital radio
broadcasting after an absence of nearly two years.

The latest Digital Radio Mondiale (DRM) shortwave transmissions
began mid August. The country has had periodic DRM broadcasts for
many years.

It appears unclear at this time however whether the current series
of transmissions will soon end or be the start of a regular service.
Thus far, all of the latest test transmissions have taken place on
3560 kHz, which of course is actually allocated for amateur radio use.

According to radio enthusiasts in the region, the signal has been
clear and very audible.


After years of construction, China's new radio telescope is in

The telescope, called FAST (Five-hundred-meter Aperture Spherical
Radio Telescope) has double the collecting power of the Arecibo
Observatory in Puerto Rico, which has a 305 meter dish.

Until now, Arecibo was the world's largest radio dish of its type.


Bulgarian radio hams gain limited access to 50 MHz

IARU Region 1 reports radio amateurs in Bulgaria have obtained
temporary access to the digital portion of 50 MHz band

Thanks to the effort made by Bulgarian Federation of Radio Amateurs,
the Communications Regulation Commission has provisionally
authorized use OF the 50.310 MHz to 50.335 MHz segment.

This band is provided free of charge to all Bulgarian radio amateurs
to be able to work and experiment with the new modes of operation in
recent years.

BFRA is actively working with institutions involved in extending
the 6 meters band.

Source IARU Region 1



The Dutch Kingdom Amateur Radio Society has been dissolved.

The new Dutch Amateur Radio Union (DARU) is now about to replace
the five-year-old foundation, and according to various reports,
it is to carry forward its predecessor's objectives.

The Dutch Kingdom group was discontinued in June.
The Netherlands Antenna Placement Support Office had functioned
under it, but now will operate as a part of the new radio union.


Mysterious signals from West Africa on 28 MHz

The latest IARU-R1 Monitoring System newsletter reports mysterious
signals from West Africa on 28250.6 kHz AM with a rising carrier
and dots every 76 seconds

The signal is thought to originate from the area of Gabon and
has been observed in previous years but the purpose is unknown.

The International Amateur Radio Union Monitoring System (IARUMS)
Region 1 August 2019 newsletter can be read at the link in
this weeks text edition


ARRL and International Amateur Radio Union President Emeritus
Larry E. Price, W4RA, died September 10.

An ARRL Life Member, he was 85.

W4RA was first licensed as WN 5 TIA at age 16 and subsequently
held several other call signs before becoming W 4 RA.

After earning BSEE, MBA, and PhD degrees, he was commissioned as
a 2nd lieutenant in the US Army Signal Corps and honorably
discharged with the rank of Captain.

Elected as ARRL Southeastern Division Vice Director in 1973,
W4RA became Director later that year and was elected as an
ARRL Vice President by the Board of Directors in 1980.

In 1983 he became First Vice President following the death of
ARRL President Vic Clark, W4KFC, and was elected President
by the Board the following year.

He served four 2-year terms as ARRL President, serving simultaneously
as IARU Secretary from 1989 until 1992, and continuing as IARU
Secretary and ARRL International Affairs Vice President until his
election as IARU President in 1999, a post he held for 10 years.

The IARU Administrative Council named him President Emeritus upon
his retirement in 2009. The ARRL Board named him ARRL President
Emeritus in 2011.

In 2014, Dayton Hamvention honored Larry as Amateur of the Year.
At the ARRL Centennial Convention that same year, he was awarded
the ARRL Medal of Honor.


Montana's Havre and Hill County Local Emergency Planning Committee
intends to take up a Department of Justice offer of amateur radio

The Emergency Planning Committee passed a motion to allow Hill County
Health Department Public Health Nurse Bridget Kallenberger to look
into getting the emergency operation center, located in the Hill
County Detention Center, a handheld ham radio.

"I think it would be a good addition, something good to have on
hand," committee Chair Sheriff Jamie Ross said.

If the committee wanted one, they would need an antenna and possibly
a second power source to power the radio, as well as a ham radio
operator. Department of Justice is offering the radios with
no strings attached.

Read the full story at the link in the text edition of this news.


Hurricane Watch Net volunteers set a new record for total hours
activated during a single storm. The net was active for 157 hours,
139 of which were continuous.

During this marathon activation, members of the Hurricane Watch Net
collected and forwarded countless surface reports to the National
Hurricane Center in Miami.

After devastating Abaco and Grand Bahama islands with winds clocked
at 200 MPH or more, Dorian made its way slowly toward Florida,
before sliding up the southeastern US coast and making a second
landfall on North Carolina.

It wasn't over however.

Dorian veered out into the Atlantic, affecting New England before
hitting Maritime Canada, where it knocked out power and downed trees.

During its lengthy initial activation, the HWN attempted on numerous
occasions to raise stations in the Bahamas but was unable to contact
anyone in the most-affected area. Poor propagation plagued net
operations throughout the activation.

The ARRL Headquarters Emergency Response Team convened early on
to closely monitor the situation. ARRL officials were in regular communication
with partner agencies, particularly FEMA and the Department of Homeland Security.
W1AW, which had already planned to be in operation for the Hiram Percy Maxim 150th birthday event,
remained ready to assist with emergency communications.




All major Australian contests, rules and results, are on the
Contest Section of the WIA website.

2019 OCDX contest coming soon!

This year's OCDX phone event is on 5-6 October.

The OCDX CW event takes place the following weekend.

With more, here's Rob:

(Audio from Rob .....)

The F-Call Challenge.

Hi I am Rob, VK4HAT

There has been a lot of debate about F-call privileges
on social media since the ACMA accounted in its LCD proposal
that it might consider giving all license classes 400w.
My motto in ham radio for a long time has be JUST DO IT,
so rather than debate the pros and cons of all the arguments,
I have decided to throw open a challenge to everyone to operate
under F-call privileges for the Oceania DX Contest.

What better way to know what can be achieved with an F-call than
to run at 10w on 80, 40, 15 and 10m for the duration of the contest
and see how good you can do. You wont win anything other than
personal satisfaction and some bragging rights that you did better
than your friends. But that's OK right?

If you are interested, shoot me an email, you can find it on The participate in the contest, submit your log and send me your score and I will report back how well everyone did. May the best 10 watts win. See you on the bands.

Robert Powell



QRV is FK 8 CJ from Noumea, IOTA OC-032, until the end of 2019
on 30, 20 and 17 meters.

QSL to F 6 EYB.



Laurent F 8 BBL is on an IOTA DXPedition to Corsica set sail
the 6th - until 22nd September.

His callsign will be TK 19 IOTA and he will be QRV from the main
island of Corsica IOTA EU-014 as well as the smaller offshore islands
EU-100, EU-104 and EU-164.



St. Pierre & Miquelon

Eric, KV1J, will be operating from the Island of Miquelon
as FP/KV1J between September 24th and October 8th.

Activity will be on 160-6 meters (no 60M as it's not authorized) using CW,
SSB, RTTY, FT8 and the satellites.

He will generally be on the highest frequency band that is open
(favoring 12/10m). He will be active in the CQWW DX RTTY Contest
(September 28-29th).

Eric will try to be on as many Satellite passes as he can when the
WX is good, generally favoring the FO-29, XW-2x, AO-7, and possibly
the FM birds.


A group of Latvian amateurs were active from Nauru last week
using callsign C 21 WW. If you worked them, QSL via Club Log OQRS.



Seychelles DXpedition

Lance, W7GJ, will be active as S 79 GJ from AF-024, Seychelles,
between September 20th and October 5th.

This is primarily a 6m EME DXpedition, but he's packed a 20m dipole
and may also get on 20m FT8 during the first few days of October.

Full details are on his website, best read at in this
weeks text edtion.


(Pronounciation of eSwatini is "Ez-wah-TEENY")

The well-known DXpeditioner Istvan HA 5 AO is QRV as 3 DA Zero AO
from the Kingdom of eSwatini (formerly Swaziland) til September end.
All bands 80 - 10m CW, RTTY and FT8.

Then, following on from his time in eSwatini, Istvan will travel
on to Lesotho where he will reactivate his 7 P 8 AO callsign from
October 1 to 9.



Harry JG 7 PSJ is in Saipan in the Mariana Islands until today,
22nd September. He is "workin' on da wireless" from Club station
WH 0 RU and QSLs go via his home QTH which is JG7PSJ



Starting back on Monday, September 16, WWV and WWVH are now broadcasting
a US Department of Defense message, marking the centennial of
W W V and to announce the W W 0 W W V special event from
September 28 until October 2 at the transmitter site near
Fort Collins, Colorado.




ALARA, the Australian Ladies Amateur Radio Association, is offering a limited number of grants to any YL applying for a Foundation Licence or upgrading to a Standard or Advanced Amateur Radio Licence. The grant is equal to approximately half the cost of the fees for assessment, licence and callsign AND gives a complimentary membership to ALARA for one year. More info on the ALARA website.

(from Jen VK3WQ)



NO-104 camera will be 'live' this week

Controllers for NO-104 (PSAT-2) have commanded the camera to take a
picture and store it into memory every 10 minutes. The transmitting
counter, which selects a picture for downlink, is not sychronized
with the camera, so there is an uncertain delay between acquiring a
picture and its transmission, up to a maximum of 64 minutes.

Every picture will be downlinked just once so every reception counts.

Further info from the link in our text edition.

(sourced to southgate)


Raspberry Pi for Ham Radio

An article by Karl-Heinz DL1GKK describes how to install amateur
radio software on the Raspberry Pi to provide the popular data modes,
SSTV, satellite tracking, SDR, rig control and logbook.

The English language article is available on the site of Indonesia's
national amateur radio society ORARI.

Karl-Heinz says "I am a big friend of the small Raspberry Pi
and use this gladly for amateur radio. With version 4
it is fast enough to fulfill all tasks. There are many ways
and much software to make the Pi fit for Ham Radio.

My choice of programs has the advantage that they are compatible
with each other", he says

Read the article at the link in this weeks text news



You may remember the YL sailing solo around the world hoping to set
a new record?

Well, she did it.

Jeanne {pronounced "JAN"} Socrates VE0JS {V E ZERO J S} sailed
jubilantly into Victoria, British Columbia Saturday September 7th
ending her 339-day journey and beginning her new status as

77, she has become the oldest person to sail solo around the world
nonstop and unassisted.

During the journey that began on October 3rd 2018, the retired
university mathematics professor made hundreds of QSOs on HF and
blogged about her daily challenges and activities.

Sea swells, two cyclones and equipment malfunctions were formidable
but temporary obstacles and she savoured her four months later than
planned arrival home - "all the more because of them".

Jan has been sailing since the age of 48, and now has beaten the
record previously held by a Japanese yachtsman who was 71 when he
accomplished the challenging circumnavigation in 2005.



Chinese transponder launched, Australian Amateur reports
"good signals."

Taurus-1 carrying an amateur radio FM to Codec-2 transponder
was launched on a CZ-4B rocket from the Taiyuan Satellite
Launch Center and is a CubeSat project developed by Aerospace System
Engineering Research Institute of Shanghai for youth education and
amateur radio.

The transponder is similar to that used on LilacSat-1, receiving FM
with 67 Hz CTCSS on 145.820 and retransmitting it as
Codec-2 9600 bps BPSK digital voice on 436.760 MHz.

The telemetry downlink is on 435.840 MHz.

In addition to the transponder the satellite also carries a
Drag Sail.

According to SouthGate Amateur Radio News, Mark Jessop VK5QI tweeted on
the 13th "Good signals from #Taurus-1 on 435.840 MHz! Doesn't look
like the FM/Codec2 Transponder is enabled yet though (no response on
436.760 MHz when transmitting on 145.820 MHz)"

K 0 FFY documented how to receive the similar Codec-2 Digital Voice
transponder using the FUNcube Dongle Pro+ SDR.
There's a link to more info about that in our text edition.

Amateur Radio Digital Communications (ARDC) has awarded a very
generous grant to ARISS for the Next Generation radio system.

ARDC is the owner and manager of the Internet network known as the
AMPRNet. In June of 2019, ARDC initiated a philanthropic endeavor
to provide monetary grants to organizations, groups, projects, and
scholarships which have significant potential to advance the state of
the art of Amateur Radio, and digital communications in general.

The ARISS Next Generation radio system (or Inter Operable Radio
System) will support easier radio mode transition, to enable new,
exciting capabilities for hams, students and the general public.

There will be new amateur radio communication and experimentation modes,
including an enhanced voice repeater and updated digital packet radio

There will also be Slow Scan TV (picture up and downlinks) in both the US and Russian
segments of ISS.

(amsat na)


India's space agency has located the lander from its failed lunar

India's crashed Vikram lunar lander, part of the nation's failed
Chandrayaan-2 mission, was located on the lunar surface, according
to reports from the Indian Space and Research Organisation, ISRO.

ISRO reported that it was attempting to make contact with the lander,
which had been photographed via thermal image from the orbiter.

The mission had entered lunar orbit on August 20th and its lander
separated on September 2nd to prep for its eventual descent. The goal
was to make a soft landing and deploy a robotic lunar rover to search
for water near the south pole of the moon.

The space agency said, however, that communications were lost at the
last minute. Officials said the spacecraft had a normal descent until
about 2 km from the surface of the moon.

India has said it hopes to send a trio of astronauts into space
by 2022.



RSGB Contest Committee has released the results of the first ever
80m FT4 one hour contest held September 2; 65 logs were received.
The next 80m FT4 contest takes place October 7 from 1900-1959 GMT.



YOTA 2019 Summer Camp in Bulgaria has spawned sub regional camps.
Most of those attending the recent Youngsters on the Air (YOTA)
summer camp in Bulgaria were first-timers, observed Monty Schebesta,
OE3VVU, a participant this year. Some 80 young radio amateurs from
27 countries convened near Sofia between 11 and 17 August to, as he
put it, "connect and learn from each other."

Monty said the successful 2019 summer camp demonstrated that YOTA
is growing quickly, noting too that 40% of the YOTA Summer Camp
attendees were young women.

Sub regional camps such as those held in Finland, Italy, and Germany
in recent years are becoming more common in Region 1, with the next
set for late September in the Czech Republic (OL19CAMP), followed
closely by a camp in the Netherlands in December.

Monty anticipates many other youth teams will want to stage
sub regional YOTA camps of their own.




In VK7, NTARC will be hosting JOTA atthe NTARC Club Rooms, formerly
known as the Rocherlea Scout Hall.

Activities will start on Saturday 19 October at noon and on Sunday
from 10.00am. As usual it will be split over their two halls with
JOTI being set up in the bigger one.

As in past years NTARC will be offering a BBQ, with the usual
sausages and onion in bread available at a donation of $2.00,
and drinks, either hot or cold for a similar $2.00 donation.

If you're in the Northern part of Tasmania and are able to assist
on either or both days, please contact NTARC's
JOTA Coordinator Peter VK7KPC

(vk7wi news)


RF for Phones - or "FOOD" for THOUGHT

While Duncan VK2DLR and Lachlan VK2FOOD were travelling through the
Northern Territory where there are hundreds of kilometres of highway
without mobile phone reception, they saw a great solution in use
at a few roadside rest areas.

The VK8 solution?

Set up a satellite TV style dish aimed horizontally towards a remote
mobile phone tower.

Erect a post with a rudimentary holder for a mobile phone at the
focus of the dish.

Follow the official signs on this innovation, erected at many rest
areas, and you're away.

Our travellers can confirm that they improved mobile phone reception
"by a bar or two" making all the difference between marginal, or,
non existent service and a workable service.

Self powered, low cost and minimum maintenance.

(sourced to SARC news letter)



2019 Social Scene

VK4 - Townsville Amateur Radio Club's Cardwell Gathering 4 days
commencing October 4 (vk4zz)

VK3 - Yarra Valley Amateur Group HamFest, 13th October (vk3cnw)

WW - JOTA 2019 Friday 18th, Sat 19 & Sunday 20 October (vk2gx)

VK3 - Ballarat Amateur Radio Group, BARG Hamvention Oct 27 (vk3kqt)

VK5 - AHARS Buy and Sell Marion RSL Nov 3rd (vk5srp)

VK3 - ROSEBUD RADIOFEST November 17 (wia)

And a special one for 2020:

ALARAMEET 2020 Bendigo
Thanks to Jen VK3WQ for pointing this out:

October 2 - 5 in Bendigo Victoria and it's a once in every three year event, so not to be missed. I'm sure they possibly needed to have the extra couple of days we mentioned last week, in order to get through everything, however the REAL dates are well worth putting in your diary.... October 2 - 5, NEXT YEAR!



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