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VHF/UHF Field Day
Log File Uploader

Please Note :

Logs in Cabrillo format for VHF-UHF field day are strongly preferred, however small logs in other formats are acceptable (which will require reformatting by the contest manager).

This uploader can only be used upload the following file types .log .txt .adif .rtf .doc .docx .xls .xlsx & .pdf
The maximum size of any uploaded file is 5 megs.

Please start the log file name with your station call sign.

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Please note : We would appreciate it if you could check your files after uploading to this site.

Log files currently uploaded

Log FileSize (bytes)Created
V K5DMC C2 DIV129642020-01-19 03:46
VK1AI A2 DIV248982020-02-01 01:54
VK1KW C1 DIV164232020-01-19 01:43
VK2ACD C1 DIV255122020-01-19 04:41
VK2AEJ LOGTOSUBMIT24072020-01-31 05:53
VK2AZ C1 DIV276902020-01-19 01:13
VK2BCC C1 DIV268002020-02-01 03:32
VK2BJ C2 DIV238532020-02-03 06:20
VK2ELH C1 DIV2113872020-02-02 07:56
VK2FCAZ C2 DIV226402020-01-19 01:18
VK2FLY-UHF VHF FIELD DAY65622020-01-19 02:31
VK2JTV C1 DIV232592020-01-24 06:17
VK2SRC B1 DIV2166182020-01-22 08:35
VK2TTL C1 DIV254882020-01-19 01:13
VK2VL C1 DIV2129112020-01-22 08:17
VK2XAX C1 DIV2(1)83142020-01-19 01:21
VK2XAX C1 DIV283142020-01-19 01:19
VK2XTC C2 DIV237802020-02-01 05:51
VK2YW C1 DIV262262020-01-20 09:13
VK3ALB D1 DIV263082020-01-21 09:56
VK3ARR A2 DIV2(1)26972020-01-21 08:54
VK3ARR A2 DIV226972020-01-21 08:54
VK3ART C2 DIV273122020-01-19 03:34
VK3AV C2 DIV262752020-01-25 07:33
VK3AWG C1 DIV195062020-01-19 01:14
VK3AXH C2 DIV270692020-01-20 06:15
VK3BEZ B2 DIV250592020-01-19 02:32
VK3BNW C2 DIV273432020-01-18 07:04
VK3BQ C2 DIV240952020-01-19 06:17
VK3DEK C2 DIV228782020-01-19 09:37
VK3DN C2 DIV265902020-01-19 09:14
VK3ER B1 DIV2490352020-01-20 22:35
VK3FCEK C2 DIV224932020-01-19 06:23
VK3FDLL C1 DIV267222020-01-31 22:59
VK3FSK B2 DIV2127092020-01-22 10:49
VK3FS C1 DIV2214292020-01-19 02:25
VK3HJV C1 DIV2(1)54172020-01-19 20:49
VK3HJV C1 DIV254172020-01-19 02:24
VK3KQ A2 DIV2337392020-01-20 06:52
VK3KQ B2 DIV2337272020-01-20 10:05
VK3KZM C2 DIV154862020-01-18 09:25
VK3LM C1 DIV239132020-01-19 01:01
VK3LTL C1 DIV2220042020-01-19 08:43
VK3MDH C1 DIV2147552020-01-19 01:03
VK3MY C1 DIV2289802020-01-30 00:28
VK3ND A1 DIV297892020-01-30 06:00
VK3OHM C2 DIV244082020-01-19 00:45
VK3PZ C2 DIV135252020-01-30 05:54
VK3TNL C2 DIV224932020-01-19 02:42
VK3VKT C2 DIV264352020-01-19 01:12
VK3YE A2 DIV233232020-01-19 04:36
VK3ZO A2 DIV227742020-01-30 09:59
VK4ADC C2 DIV280352020-01-18 23:07
VK4ALH A2 DIV235312020-01-19 09:47
VK4ALH C2 DIV256452020-01-19 09:58
VK4EA C1 DIV248712020-01-18 23:36
VK4FB C2 DIV249032020-01-19 05:43
VK4GU C1 DIV255272020-01-29 23:20
VK4IF B1 DIV2181462020-01-19 08:14
VK4OE C1 DIV236632020-01-31 00:13
VK4QG C1 DIV237412020-02-03 04:38
VK4WIS C1 DIV2158152020-01-19 01:19
VK5ALX C1 DIV252772020-01-23 00:10
VK5BWR B1 DIV286552020-01-31 07:19
VK5DT C2 DIV264962020-01-19 10:44
VK5FD C1 DIV240652020-01-19 03:01
VK5KAF C1 DIV287302020-01-27 07:52
VK5KK A2 DIV274422020-02-01 23:20
VK5MK D2 DIV244192020-01-18 09:44
VK5NE C1 DIV295662020-01-19 03:49
VK5OI A2 DIV255082020-01-19 04:21
VK5OQ A2 DIV235052020-01-19 07:43
VK5SFA C1 DIV269602020-01-19 01:03
VK5YYY C1 DIV229352020-02-03 04:00
VK5ZD A2 DIV264732020-01-21 13:19
VK5ZT A2 DIV239902020-02-02 10:38
VK6FZEB A2 DIV225402020-01-26 08:40
VK7ALH C1 DIV226932020-01-29 21:48
VK7AM C1 DIV126122020-01-19 02:15
VK7AN C1 DIV235862020-01-29 21:50
VK7BEN D2 DIV249852020-01-18 09:23
VK7DW A2 DIV2(1)37512020-01-30 00:20
VK7DW A2 DIV237442020-01-29 21:54
VK7DW C2 DIV226522020-01-29 21:56
VK7FPCL C2 DIV242602020-01-19 01:20
VK7HH C2 DIV227262020-01-18 23:33
VK7HSE C1 DIV238952020-01-19 02:00
VK7JAM A2 DIV237042020-01-29 22:31
VK7KAJ C2 DIV256262020-01-31 01:24
VK7KPC C1 DIV224492020-02-02 23:16
VK7OTC B2 DIV2117622020-01-19 07:08
VK7PD C2 DIV127772020-01-23 07:44
VK7RM C2 DIV252182020-01-20 00:10
VK7TW A2 DIV2(1)59372020-01-27 02:58
VK7TW A2 DIV260122020-01-19 01:37
VK7VH C2 DIV248992020-01-18 04:40
VK7WN A2 DIV232702020-01-28 01:52
VK7ZBX C2 DIV229612020-01-19 07:11
VK7ZMS A2 DIV260322020-01-19 09:10


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