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WIA QSL Bureaux

WIA Historical QSL Collection

About The WIA QSL Bureaux

General Operation of the WIA QSL Bureau

Bureaux operate in each State and the Northern Territory. There are some differences in their operational methods, but all may be considered to basically follow the guidelines of the IARU.

Bureau operating is a method of handling the incoming QSL cards received from overseas and interstate bureau, as well as for outgoing cards. For outgoing cards the bureau receives cards for on forwarding and sorts them into the respective country order. Usually when an economical posting weight is reach, the package is then posted. Incoming cards for VK amateurs are sorted and filed.

Those radio amateurs wishing to receive their incoming cards usually make arrangements with their state or territory bureau on the method used to have the cards delivered into their hands. Some pick up cards direct from the bureau sorting place, from their local club, and when arrangements are made the cards are posted to the amateur's address.

Inward and Outward QSL services at the expense of the WIA are provided only for WIA members.

Managers receive every 3 months a listing of all current WIA members. If a person claims to have just become a member but is not listed, the Manager should telephone or email the WIA national office to ask if the person is, in fact, a member.

Because Managers act on behalf of the WIA they should not accept money from either members or non-members as the cost of keeping and auditing adequate accounting records outweighs any benefit.

QSL Service Guidelines for Special Event Stations and those in VK0 or VK9 areas

A WIA Member is entitled to a free outwards and inwards QSL service. The QSL service is free for Australian special event stations, DXpeditions, IOTA's, SOTA, WWFF etcetera, operated by WIA members or by WIA affiliated Clubs. However, all operators need to be WIA members or the operation needs to be sanctioned by a WIA Affiliated Club.
All VK0, VK9 and VI prefix stations must have an Australian based QSL manager.
All radio amateurs should check via the website that the callsign is valid and who is the correct QSL manager.

Inwards QSL cards will continue to be available for non-members at the convenience of the QSL service.

QSL Card Standards

The IARU has a universal standard for QSL card production to improve the handling of cards by volunteers at Bureau offices all around the world, to assist with sorting, packing and posting. The WIA can only process cards that meets the standard.
The recommended size should be no larger than 140mm x 90mm. It is recommended that paper size should be at least 0.25mm thick. Copy paper is not deemed suitable and glossy photo paper with inkjet printing also causes issues. Matt photo paper is OK.

To ensure speedy handling by sorters at the Outwards Bureau please assist by following these guidelines:

Cards should be sorted alphabetically (A - Z and 1 to 9) into country order. Do NOT separate the country prefixes with paper, clips or rubber bands.

Rubber bands should only be used to keep a large stack of cards together.

Please send outwards QSL cards at regular intervals to assist volunteer sorters and ensure a steady flow of cards.

QSL Managers

Members should deal with the Inwards QSL Bureau at the address listed for their area and the national Outwards Bureau at the address listed below.

Please use the following email addresses as a point of contact for all queries and correspondence regarding your state QSL service.

  VK1 - ACT - vk1bureau
  VK2 - NSW - vk2bureau
  VK3 - VIC - vk3bureau
  VK4 - QLD - vk4bureau
  VK5 - SA - vk5bureau
  VK6 - WA - vk6bureau
  VK7 - TAS - vk7bureau
  VK8 - NT - vk8bureau

Inwards QSL

If a WIA member makes an arrangement with the local QSL Manager for their cards to be sent annually, then WIA will meet the cost of forwarding any cards received for that WIA member at their address on the membership list once a year. If, because of the number of cards and storage constraints an Inwards QSL Manager wishes to forward cards more than once in a year to a particular member, and there is no significant cost difference as a result of doing so, the WIA will meet also meet that cost.

Members requiring more frequent card distribution should make arrangements with the Manager to collect the cards from the Manager.

WIA members who are members of an affiliated club may either directly or through their club request that their cards be sent to them at their club. Inward QSL Managers shall send WIA member cards to their club at such times as are economic having regard to the number of cards involved, but at least once a year. The WIA will meet the cost of sending the cards to the clubs.

Members not requiring cards should notify their area QSL Manager directly.

Inward QSL Managers should retain non-members cards for at least one year before disposing of them, and should make available cards for collection by or on behalf of non-members in a manner convenient to the Manager.

The national postal address for all Inwards QSL is:
National Inwards QSL Bureau
PO Box 2040
Bayswater Vic
3153 Australia

Outwards QSL

Members should send their cards sorted in DXCC country order to the WIA Outwards QSL Bureau addressed as follows:

WIA Outwards QSL Bureau
P.O. Box 66
NSW 2284

Affiliated clubs may collect cards on behalf of their WIA members and forward them in reasonable sized batches to the WIA Outwards QSL Bureau at the above address. The Outwards Bureau will confirm the WIA membership of the club members.

Non-members cards will not be handled.

National QSL Bureau Coordinator

Until an appointment is made for a new National QSL Bureau Coordinator, please contact the WIA National office if you have any questions relating to the QSL service.
Email: nationaloffice
Telephone: 03 9729 0400

Files For Download

WIA QSL Bureaux Expense Claim Instructions
QSL Bureau Expense Instructions Issue 2_Bayswater.pdf

WIA QSL Bureaux Expense Claim Form

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