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VHF UHF Records

VHF - UHF Records Update

Latest records

New 3.4 GHz EME Record
VK3NX to GB6GHY 28/08/17 17263.8 km

Details supplied by Charlie VK3NX:
GB6GHY using 32m dish at the Goonhilly Earth station facility in Cornwall. Main operator was Brian Coleman G4NNS. Charlie VK3NX using 100W to 3.7m dish with CP feed (scaled version of RA3AQ).

New 10 GHz Digital EME Record
National and World Record
VK7MO WA3LBI 09/09/17 18951.0 km
(Distance corrected in accordance with IARU approved calculation).

Two First Ever Records for VK9C (Cocos Island)

Lance Collister W7GJ, operating as VK9CGJ, worked Geoff Robinson VK4KJJ to create two first-time call area records.
144 MHz VK9CGJ to VK4KJJ/VK9C 16/09/17 0.9 km
432 MHz VK9CGJ to VK4KJJ/VK9C 17/09/17 0.9 km

New Optical Records

Iain Crawford VK5ZD and Tim Dixon VK5ZT have created new optical records as below. They have extended their original distance and added a digital modes record.

VK5 Home/Portable VK5ZD VK5ZT 22/09/17 54.0 km
VK5 Home/Portable VK5ZD VK5ZT 07/10/17 91.0 km
Digital Modes Nat. VK5ZD VK5ZT 07/10/17 91.0 km

The full lists of current and past Australian VHF-UHF records are available at
The full list of current and past VHF/UHF records is available in the "Files for Download" section.

Recent records in chronological order

Not Quite So New Record:
10 GHz VK3 record: Geoff Hughes VK3AUX to Rob Dickson VK3YFU (now VK3KRD), 15/03/80, 59.7 km.

New 47 GHz Record for VK5
VK5KK to VK5TE 18/03/17 146.5 km

New 122 GHz National Record
VK5KK to VK5ZD 01/06/17 5.3 km

Record claim conditions

Please refer to the PDF file in the "Files for Download" section below.

Files For Download

Current Records
VHF Records 171026.pdf

List of all Australian VHF-UHF records since 1947
VHF Records History 171026.pdf

VHF-UHF record claim conditions, and a record claim form
VHF Record Claims 170901.pdf

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