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Latest records

New 47 GHz Record for VK5

The following new record has been added to the list:
Home/Portable record for VK5
VK5KK VK5TE 18/03/17 146.5 km

The full list of current and past VHF/UHF records is available in the "Files for Download" section.

Not Quite So New Record:
10 GHz VK3 record: Geoff Hughes VK3AUX to Rob Dickson VK3YFU (now VK3KRD), 15/03/80, 59.7 km.

Record claim conditions

Please refer to the PDF file in the "Files for Download" section below.

Files For Download

Current VHF-UHF Records
VHF Records 170323.pdf

List of all Australian VHF-UHF records since 1947
VHF Records History 170612.pdf

VHF-UHF record claim conditions, and a record claim form
VHF Record Claims 121210.pdf

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