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Repeater Update

Repeater news

From June 2015 the repeater data base, and this page, are being maintained by Steve Ireland VK2MD.

Updates to the repeater database are published during the last weekend of each month. The next update will be the 26/27 September.

To make an update please review the simple submission guidelines file that is available for download at the bottom of this page.


IRLP - Visit the main IRLP web site at for more information.
ECHOLINK - For information, station listings and software downloads, visit
DSTAR - For information about D-Star voice and data repeaters, visit
P25 - P25 and DMR users can register for a DMR-MARC radio ID in order to utilise the internationally linked Quantar Site Connect system. The URL is

Overseas repeater information


A new repeater app is now available for Android. It allows you to easily find the locations of repeaters in your area and overseas. This app initially covered the UK, but details of Australian repeaters have now been added.
The author's web site: Link. The Android Market web site: Link

RFINDER Repeater Directory

RFinder - The Worldwide Repeater Directory
Android - iPhone - RTSystems - CHIRP - TomTom - Garmin -WWW
Web page link:Link
Facebook link: Link

The WIA repeater data base

We aim to keep our repeater listing up to date - but for this we depend on information from our fellow amateurs. If you are aware of any additions, changes or corrections that need to be made to the Australian Repeater Directory then please review the simple submission guidelines file that is available for download at the bottom of this page.

Latest updates to the data base


VK3RBP 438.700 using 91.5 CTCSS.
Updates for VK4RAT, VK3RBA, VK2REE; VK5RDC added
VK2RET, VK6RCA deleted

Changes to VK2RZL, VK3RCD
Correction for VK2RZL
Notes added for VK2REE

Updates for VK3RGL, delete VK3RPT; VK3ROW off air.

Most sponsors have been contacted and there have been many many updates to the listing. Too many to note here for the time being. When the number of change requests have settled down, then normal service will be resumed.

VK2RBH 29.120 New repeater servicing Broken Hill
VK2RNG 29.130 New repeater servicing Western Sydney
VK2RCZ 29.630 Proposed repeater servicing Sydney West
VK2RTW 29.640 New repeater servicing Wagga

VK2RLD 146.625 Deleted
VK4RGT 146.625 New access tone 91.5
VK4RGA 147.375 New repeater Kroombit Tops
VK7RTV 146.775 Now located in Stowport

VK2RAI 439.275 Services Booral/Stroud not Kuruah
VK2RTA 439.675 Deleted
VK3RLP 439.475 New access tone 91.5
VK4RGT 438.050 New repeater servicing Gladstone
VK5RPL 438.225 Deleted
VK7RDR 439.775 Services Northern Tasmania

VK2RLD 1273.050 Deleted

VK7RTV 446.500 Frequency change of proposed repeater

Repeater owners and sponsors. If you have not received an email from me recently please send an email to to join the mailing list

Files For Download

Latest repeater list
Repeater Directory 150830.pdf

Repeater list in CSV format
Repeater Directory 150830.csv

Example VBScript, Sorted Directory csv and CHIRP csv files and other csv formats

Submission guidelines

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