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Repeater Update

Repeater news

Updates to the repeater database are published during the last weekend of each month. The next update will be the 30 Sept 2017.

To make an update please review the simple submission guidelines that are described on the last page of the listing downloadable below.


IRLP- Visit the main IRLP web site at for more information.

ECHOLINK- For information, station listings and software downloads, visit

DSTAR- For information about D-Star voice and data repeaters, visit

P25- P25 and DMR users can register for a DMR-MARC radio ID in order to utilise the internationally linked Quantar Site Connect system. The URL is

Fusion– For information about System Fusion repeaters, visit

Overseas repeater information


A new repeater app is now available for Android. It allows you to easily find the locations of repeaters in your area and overseas. This app initially covered the UK, but details of Australian repeaters have now been added.
The author's web site: Link. The Android Market web site: Link

RFINDER Repeater Directory

RFinder - The Worldwide Repeater Directory
Android - iPhone - RTSystems - CHIRP - TomTom - Garmin -WWW
Web page link:Link
Facebook link: Link

The WIA repeater data base

We aim to keep our repeater listing up to date - but for this we depend on information from our fellow amateurs. If you are aware of any additions, changes or corrections that need to be made to the Australian Repeater Directory then please review the simple submission guidelines that are described on the last page of the listing downloadable below.

There is a Yahoo group Repeaters-VK whose aim is to get a knowledge pool of people with technical skills to create and maintain repeaters.

Latest updates to the data base



VK2RSM repeaters moved to Adaminaby.

VK7RAA repeaters moved to Mt Arthur.

VK3RSH 146.900 Swan Hill deleted. No longer licensed.

VK2RCT 438.650 Campbelltown deleted. No longer licensed.

VK3RNP 438.650 Bannockburn deleted. No longer licensed.

VK5RSC 439.825 Mt Terrible. Access tone is 91.5 and now supports C4FM.


VK2RSC 146.800 Parrots Nest. Supports FM and C4FM.

VK4RHB 146.650 Moved from Ghost Hill to Booral as mast was damaged in a storm.

VK4RPH 438.225 New FM/C4FM repeater at Mt Haren servicing Kuranda.

VK4RCN Cairns. Repeater moved from Mt Haren to Cairns CBD (Manoora). Modes supported include DSTAR, DMR and C4FM. VHF access is now under test.

VK2RRW 438.100 Dural. New DMR Repeater.


VK4RCM 146.725 Gympie. Coverage area changed to Gympie Southern

VK4RGN 146.775 Gympie. Repeater callsign changed from VK4RGY and coverage area changed to Gympie Southern. Repeater is under Test.

VK7RAB 438.550 Repeater is now portable.

No changes this month.


P25, FM & C4FM designations have been removed from the service area as they now have their own sections.

VK2RCH 146.850 Tone is now 123Hz

New C4FM Network in Melbourne. Refer to Note 103.

VK4RBX 438.8375 & VK4REG 439.9875 are new DMR Repeaters.



Late release this month. Silly season for me. Kids have now gone back to Primary School :-)

VK2RSM 53.575 FM Adaminaby has been deleted.

VK2RDO 146.650 FM Dorrigo Plateau has been deleted.
VK2RTZ 146.775 FM Sugarloaf Range has had a power increase and now needs a tone for access.
VK2RSM 147.025 FM has moved from Mars Hill to Digits Farm.
VK2RAY 147.225 FM Albury now needs a tone to access.
VK2RHH 147.250 FM Nimmitabel has been deleted.
VK6RNC 146.625 FM Wanneroo has relocated to Landsdale.

VK2RMG 438.125 FM Bruxner Park has been deleted.
VK2RSM 439.900 FM Mars Hill has been deleted.

VK2RTZ 1273.100 FM Sugarloaf Range is a new repeater servicing the Lower Hunter.

VK5RWH 1286.250 ATV O'Halloran Hill has been deleted.


VK7RMD 53.8 FM Mt Duncan is non-operational.
VK7RAC 53.825 FM Table Cape has been deleted.
VK7RVP 53.950 FM St Valentines Peak has been added.

VK4RGN 146.775 FM Mt Kanigan, Gympie is now operational.
VK7RMD 146.625 FM Mt Duncan is non-operational.
VK7RVP 146.725 FM St Valentines Peak has been added.
VK7RAC 147.375 FM Table Cape is now operational.

VK3RCD 438.1875 FM Kinglake has been added.

VK2RPL 1273.3000 FM Mt Nardi, Lismore is now undergoing testing.
VK3RBM 1273.1500 FM Bacchus Marsh has been deleted.
VK3RMC 1273.6000 FM Berwick has been deleted.

VK3RMC Berwick, New DSTAR repeaters on 70cm & 23cm voice and data.

VK3RCD 438.1875 P25 Kinglake has been deleted.

VK3RBM 438.7000 C4FM Baccchus Marsh has been deleted.
VK3RCD 438.1875 C4FM Kinglake has been added.
VK5RBV 146.8250 & 439.8000 C4FM Mt Kitchner, Barossa have been added.

VK2RPW 53.575 FM Grundy Mtn is now operational.
VK2RMP 53.650 FM Maddens Plains. CTCSS is now 123.

VK2RFS 146.750 FM Mt Mumbulla is a new repeater.
VK2RPW 146.925 FM Grundy Mtn is a new repeater.
VK2RUW 146.975 FM Knights Hill reverted to Proposed.
VK4RGN 146.775 FM Mt Kanigan. CTCSS is 91.5.
VK5RSV 146.675 FM Willunga. CTCSS 91.5.
VK8RPD 146.950 FM Moil. CTCSS 123.
VK8RTE 146.400 FM Larrakeyah is now operational.

VK2RPW 438.335 FM Grundy Mtn is a new repeater.
VK5RMN 438.500 FM The Bluff is a new repeater.
VK8RWI 439.975 FM Marrara. CTCSS 123.

VK2RDS C 146.7626 DSTAR Maddens Plains is a new repeater.
VK3RMC B 438.125 DSTAR Berwich. Output frequency corrected.

Many new DMR repeaters added. Please see DMR section for details.

VK2RMP 438.7250 C4FM Maddens Plains is a new repeater.
Vk5RSV 146.675 C4FM Willunga is a new repeater.
VK8RTE 147.000 C4FM Larrakeyah is a new repeater.

VK7RHF 29.680 & 53.700 FM has been relocated to Roberts Bluff and now serves Kaoota.

VK2RCB 53.750 FM Dorrigo is a new repeater serving Bellingen.
VK4RLS 53.875 FM Mt Dunsinane is a new repeater serving Logan.

VK2RLH 146.675 FM Stringybark Hill is not operational.
VK2RMS 146.725 FM Lightning Ridge is a new repeater.
VK4RCC 146.625 FM has relocated to Oceanview and services Brisbane North.
VK4RBA 147.925 & 439.950 FM Rochedale is a new repeater serving Brisbane.
VK6RAL 146.725 FM Albany has been deleted.
VK6RMS 147.250 FM Mt Saddleback is now operational.

VK2RTW 438.025 FM Willians Hill, Wagga is not operational.
VK2RFG 438.650 FM & C4FM Gregory Hills and serving Campbelltown is now operational.
VK2RTW 439.800 FM Wagga is not operational.
VK2RLH 439.850 FM Newbridge, Bathurst is not operational.
VK4RLU 439.875 FM Mt Dunsinane is a new repeater serving Logan.
VK6RAV, VK6RCT & VK6RMS 438.520 FM have been reset from Operational to Proposed.
VK6RAP 439.800 Roleystone, service Perth South East is now operational.

VK5RWN C 147.0375 DSTAR Banksia Park, serving Adelaide is now operational.
VK6RAV C 438.9250 DSTAR Hoddy Well, serving Avon East has been reset from Operational to Proposed.

VK6RGF 438.125 DMR Kalgoorlie is a new repeater.

VK5RCT 438.325 C4FM Moonta is a new repeater.
VK6RTH 146.800 C4FM Tic Hill, serving Perth North East is a new repeater.

Files For Download

Latest repeater list
Repeater Directory 170803.pdf

Latest repeater list CSV
Repeater Directory 170803.csv

Example VBScript, Sorted Directory csv and CHIRP csv files and other csv formats

Previous repeater list CSV for comparison
Repeater Directory 170612.csv

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