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Repeater Update

Repeater news

Updates to the repeater database are published during the last weekend of each month. The next update will be the 28 August.

To make an update please review the simple submission guidelines file that is available for download at the bottom of this page.

Note to repeater sponsors. Please review your entries in the listing NOW as the WIA call book will be updated in early August.


IRLP- Visit the main IRLP web site at for more information.

ECHOLINK- For information, station listings and software downloads, visit

DSTAR- For information about D-Star voice and data repeaters, visit

P25- P25 and DMR users can register for a DMR-MARC radio ID in order to utilise the internationally linked Quantar Site Connect system. The URL is

C4FM - System Fusion.

Overseas repeater information


A new repeater app is now available for Android. It allows you to easily find the locations of repeaters in your area and overseas. This app initially covered the UK, but details of Australian repeaters have now been added.
The author's web site: Link. The Android Market web site: Link

RFINDER Repeater Directory

RFinder - The Worldwide Repeater Directory
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The WIA repeater data base

We aim to keep our repeater listing up to date - but for this we depend on information from our fellow amateurs. If you are aware of any additions, changes or corrections that need to be made to the Australian Repeater Directory then please review the simple submission guidelines file that is available for download at the bottom of this page.

There is a Yahoo group VKRepeaters whose aim is to get a knowledge pool of people with technical skills to create and maintain repeaters.

Latest updates to the data base


VK2RBH 29.120 New repeater servicing Broken Hill
VK2RNG 29.130 New repeater servicing Western Sydney
VK2RCZ 29.630 Proposed repeater servicing Sydney West
VK2RTW 29.640 New repeater servicing Wagga

VK2RLD 146.625 Deleted
VK4RGT 146.625 New access tone 91.5
VK4RGA 147.375 New repeater Kroombit Tops
VK7RTV 146.775 Now located in Stowport

VK2RAI 439.275 Services Booral/Stroud not Kuruah
VK2RTA 439.675 Deleted
VK3RLP 439.475 New access tone 91.5
VK4RGT 438.050 New repeater servicing Gladstone
VK5RPL 438.225 Deleted
VK7RDR 439.775 Services Northern Tasmania

VK2RLD 1273.050 Deleted

VK7RTV 446.500 Frequency change of proposed repeater

VK4RGO 53.800 Deleted

VK2RBT 146.6750 Deleted
VK2RIS 146.975 Deleted
VK2RMW 147.075 New repeater servicing Batemans Bay
VK4RBQ 146.950 Offline
VK8RWI 146.800 Now services Marrara

VK3RNP 438.650 New repeater servicing Golden Plains
VK4RBQ 439.300 Offline
VK8RDA 438.275 Tone access now 91.5

VK4RXX 438.400 Deleted

VK5RTV 2439.000 Deleted

VK7RDR 439.775 Tone access now 186.2
VK6RRR 438.200 Input frequency is 432.800

VK2RAB 438.475 Added servicing Tamworth/Muswellbrook
VK2RNS 439.975 is not operational but Pending
VK7RDR 439.775 has a new CTCSS of 91.5Hz

VK7RDS 439.750 has been added
VK7RDS B 439.750 has been deleted


No release this month. Format is changing with CTCSS becoming Tone and Sponsor codes changing.
CSV version also has some extra codes added to help automated 3rd party software tools. Contact tacrep for details.

VK2RTW 29.640 Willans Hill, Wagga is deleted
VK7RHF 29.680 Mt Nelson, Hobart is under test

VK3RDD 53.575 Cockatoo,Dandenong is offline

VK2RJH 147.375 Jindabyne,Snowy Mountains is deleted
VK4RBY 146.650 Black Mountain,Mackay is deleted
VK4RAS 146.875 Carborough Range,Moranbah is a new repeater
VK4REG 146.950 Mt Mowbullan,Bunya Mtns has changed frequency
VK4REP 147.075 Middlemount,Middlemount is under test
VK6RBY 146.650 Harvey, Bunbury is operational
VK6RLK 147.100 Chidlow, Avon West is deleted

VK4RUS 438.450 Sarina, Sarina is deleted
VK4RUU 438.450 Mt Mee, Caboolture is deleted
VK4RBY 438.600 Black Mountain, Mackay is deleted
VK4RDD 439.275 O'Rourke's House power increased to 35 Watts
VK5RSC 438.075 Mt Terrible, Adelaide is offline

VK4RAS B 439.950 Carborough Range, Moronbah is a new repeater
VK4RBD C 146.6375 Blackdown Tableland, Blackwater is a new repeater
VK4RBY C 146.650 Black Mountain, Mackay is a new repeater
VK4RBY B 438.450 Black Mountain, Mackay is a new repeater
VK4RSA B 438.2750 Sarina, Mackay is under test
VK4RUS B 438.450 Sarina,Sarina is a new repeater
VK4RTQ B 439.4875 Mt Kynoch, Toowoomba is deleted
VK6ROX B 438.125 East Fremantle has a new input freq 432.725

VK4RSA 147.0750 P25 Sarina, Sarina is under test
VK4RTQ 147.225 P25 Mt Kynoch, Toowoomba is a new repeater

VK4RTQ 439.4875 DMR Mt Kynoch, Towoomba is a new repeater

C4FM repeaters now have a separate section. If you have a C4FM repeater and it is not listed please contact tacrep(at)

VK2RUW 29.1200 Knights Hill,Wollongong is deleted.

VK2RUW 146.675 Knights Hill,Wgong Sth - Shoalhaven is a new Repeater.
VK2RUW 146.975 Knights Hill,Wollongong is a new repeater.
VK3RML 146.700 Ferny Creek,Melbourne now requires a tone of 91.5.

VK2RMP 438.725 Maddens Plains,Wollongong - Sydney. Output power reduced to 50W from 100W.
VK3RLP Cranbourne,Mornington Peninsula. Timeout has been reduced to 3.5Min from 4Min.
VK5RSC 438.075 Mt Terrible,Adelaide has been deleted.

VK2RDS Maddens Plains,Illawarra DSTAR repeaters have been deleted.

VK2RMU 146.700 Nowra Hill, Access tone changed to 91.5

VK5RVH 438.525 Brown Hill, Victor Harbor, New UHF FM repeater

VK4REG 439.9875 Mt Mowbullan, Bunya Mountans, New DMR Repeater

VK3RBO 2415.000 Specimen Hill, Bendigo now outputs a DVB-T signal on 446.500

VK3RHF 29.640 Olinda is Offline.

VK2RMU 146.700 Nowra Hill. Listing had wrong tone. The correct tone is 123.

VK3RDQ 144.9385 Melbourne Outer Eastern Suburbs. New Repeater. Accepts C4FM & FM as input and FM as output.

VK2RBV 438.1125 Sydney. New FM and C4FM repeater serving Sydney.

VK2RMU 438.125 Nowra Hill. Listing had wrong tone. The correct tone is 91.5.

VK3RMM 439.825 Mt Macedon is Offline.


VK2RSM repeaters moved to Adaminaby.

VK7RAA repeaters moved to Mt Arthur.

VK3RSH 146.900 Swan Hill deleted. No longer licensed.

VK2RCT 438.650 Campbelltown deleted. No longer licensed.

VK3RNP 438.650 Bannockburn deleted. No longer licensed.

VK5RSC 439.825 Mt Terrible. Access tone is 91.5 and now supports C4FM.

Files For Download

Latest repeater list
Repeater Directory 160714.pdf

Latest repeater list
Repeater Directory 160714.csv

Example VBScript, Sorted Directory csv and CHIRP csv files and other csv formats

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