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Repeater Update

Repeater news

From June 2015 the repeater data base, and this page, are being maintained by Steve Ireland VK2MD.

Sponsors get your changes into me by the 16th of August to make it into the 2016 Call Book.

Updates to the repeater database are published during the last weekend of each month. The next update will be the 29/30 August.

To make an update please review the simple submission guidelines file that is available for download at the bottom of this page.

New repeaters

Comments by Steve Ireland VK2MD

A big thank you to John VK3KM who was the custodian of the repeater database for many years. John wears a number of hats within the W.I.A. and I’m glad to be able to take a couple off of him and lighten his load. For me one of John’s great innovations for the list was creating the csv version. Well done and thanks again John.

Changes in the way the listing is produced
For a few years now the listing has had an associated csv file. Edits were made to the master Word document and from this the csv file was generated. When I first saw that a csv file was available I created a number of VB Scripts that would manipulate the format of the WIA file into formats that could be read by a number of radio programming applications, notably CHIRP. This streamlines the process of getting the updates programmed into the radios. I’m lazy and can’t be bothered to program my 4 radios manually by twiddling dials and hitting buttons on the radio.

The process of making the csv file occasionally had some fat finger issues which made my main scripts to have a fit, so I wrote a Verify script that checked the csv for syntax which helped John fix fat finger issues. There was quite a few back and forward email sessions between me and John to help fix these format issues over the years. This was all done in good spirit and ultimately led me to take over this gig. Lucky, lucky me!

I’ve now turned the process around. The master source of truth is now the csv file and the generation VBScript automates Word in conjunction with a word template file to create the pdf. Having the so called keys to the car now has also allowed me to clean up the csv slightly and make some of the data consistent. It’s all become more automated and it allows me to do some extra stuff, see below ;-)

The process has changed, so has some of the data and I also occasionally suffer fat finger syndrome. If you see any issue with the format of the pdf or some incorrect repeater data over this transitional period then please send an email to

More crosschecks with ACMA
In January 2015 ACMA made available for free for download the whole Radiocommunications licence data in dbf and csv files. Wow! The original Verify script has grown to not only look for syntax issues but also incorporate checks against the ACMA database. It is early days but the number of cross checks will continue to be incorporated over time to ensure that the list is accurate, up-to date and require less manual intervention.

New Sorting
The standard pdf and csv file is sorted by Mode, Band and Frequency and is the main format that is published. Nothing has changed. A new sorting of the csv file and the chirp csv files is now available for download in The new sorting is via Mode, Band and DISTANCE from the centre of each capital city. So if you live in Sydney like I do, you will find that the closest repeater to the centre on 2m is VK2ROT Paddington (no surprise here). If a regional club would like a csv versions sorted to their local city then send an email to Because all this stuff is automated now it’s a trivial exercise.

I can’t remember what repeater has what call sign, so my radios are programmed with a 6 character location text. So Terry Hills VK2RMB is programmed as THills and Asquith VK2RNS is Asqith. I’ve currently generated mnemonics for some VK2 repeaters and when finished with all the repeaters Australia wide will add a mnemonics column to the CSV version of the listing (not the pdf). If you look at the chirp csv files ending with an M in you will see how this will work.

Finally, having a young family and a full time job I am quite time poor, so would really, really appreciate that all change requests to the listing follow the guidelines that can be downloaded at the bottom of this page. They are not onerous or complicated it just standardises the way changes are requested and it will simplify my task greatly of maintaining and quickly updating the database.

Hope to hear from you on the airwaves

73’s Steve VK2MD
June 2015


IRLP - Visit the main IRLP web site at for more information.
ECHOLINK - For information, station listings and software downloads, visit
DSTAR - For information about D-Star voice and data repeaters, visit
P25 - P25 and DMR users can register for a DMR-MARC radio ID in order to utilise the internationally linked Quantar Site Connect system. The URL is

Overseas repeater information


A new repeater app is now available for Android. It allows you to easily find the locations of repeaters in your area and overseas. This app initially covered the UK, but details of Australian repeaters have now been added.
The author's web site: Link. The Android Market web site: Link

RFINDER Repeater Directory

RFinder - The Worldwide Repeater Directory
Android - iPhone - RTSystems - CHIRP - TomTom - Garmin -WWW
Web page link:Link
Facebook link: Link

The WIA repeater data base

We aim to keep our repeater listing up to date - but for this we depend on information from our fellow amateurs. If you are aware of any additions, changes or corrections that need to be made to the Australian Repeater Directory then please review the simple submission guidelines file that is available for download at the bottom of this page.

Latest updates to the data base


VK3RBP 438.700 using 91.5 CTCSS.
Updates for VK4RAT, VK3RBA, VK2REE; VK5RDC added
VK2RET, VK6RCA deleted

Changes to VK2RZL, VK3RCD
Correction for VK2RZL
Notes added for VK2REE

Updates for VK3RGL, delete VK3RPT; VK3ROW off air.

Most sponsors have been contacted and there have been many many updates to the listing. Too many to note here for the time being. When the number of change requests have settled down, then normal service will be resumed.

Repeater owners and sponsors. If you have not received an email from me recently please send an email to to join the mailing list

Files For Download

Latest repeater list
Repeater Directory 150726.pdf

Repeater list in CSV format
Repeater Directory 150726.csv

Example VBScript, Sorted Directory csv and CHIRP csv files and other csv formats

Submission guidelines

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