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This section is to mark notable events, Awards and Award rule changes and also mark members achievements in the General Award program.

This Month's Comments

After much excellent work by Marc Hillman the WIA Awards spreadsheets now accept ADIF log Uploads.

The IARU Worked All Continents (WAC) award can now be applied for by WIA members through the WIA Awards program. The card checking and certification is carried out by the WIA Awards Manager and the certificates are issued by the WIA under agreement with the ARRL Awards Branch. This means that cards no longer need to be submitted overseas for this award - a first for the WIA!

This is an excellent introductory award for DXer's as only 6 contacts are required (one in each continent).
There is also available a 5 Band WAC and various other endorsements that can be gained for the more serious DXer! More details and application form are available under the Worked All Continents link

Recent Movements

Febuary 2013

Awards Programme has the ability for ADIF log Uploads thus saving considerable time entering Log data.
All the WIA Awards rule still apply.

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