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2005 News Releases




WIA Board Reviews Membership Fees and Categories

Date : 18 / 04 / 2005
Author : Michael Owen - VK3KI

At its meeting in Sydney on the 8 th and 9 th April 2005 the WIA Board reviewed current membership categories and subscriptions for the next renewal cycle, which commences on 1 July next.

In few of the many suggestions that had been received it was decided to create a new membership category, which would be called a “Family Membership”.

Family Membership would be available to a second and further persons living at the same address as a Member receiving AR. Family Members would not receive AR and the subscription rate would be $40 per year.

The Board also decided to offer a 5-year subscription for all existing categories of membership, as well as for the new Family Membership. The 5 year subscription is being offered in response to a number of suggestions made in the past, and now practical as the whole of the subscription is for a single recipient.

The 5-year subscription rate will be 5 times the single year rate for each category, less approximately 5%.

It was also decided that that post 30 June 2005 renewals will be offered online, so renewals due after 30 June next will be accepted by cash or cheque, credit card by post or telephone, and by credit card online.

Applications for membership will continue to require a signature, and will be accepted by hand, post or fax.

Finally, the Board decided not to change any of the existing subscription rates.


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