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2007 News Releases




WIA Releases details of WIA Learning Facilitators

Date : 17 / 04 / 2007
Author : Michael Owen - VK3KI

WIA Learning Facilitators will replace the Invigilators and WIA Learning Organisers (who will need to be either WIA Assessors or WIA Learning Facilitators) will replace Group Leaders, hopefully before 1 December 2007.

Full details can be found in the booklet 'WIA Learning Facilitator Instructions' that has been placed on the WIA website.

An Assessor Alert has been sent to all WIA Assessors providing them with additional information.

The previous Application for Assessor Training form on the WIA website has been replaced by a new form, which may be used as an application n for either Assessor Training or Learning Facilitator training and registration.

Qualification as a WIA Learning Facilitator should not be a barrier for anyone. They will be required to understand the continuous improvement process and the WIA assessment system.

This will by achieved by the WIA Nominated RTO sending to the Learning Facilitator candidate a web site address and a password to access the Learning Facilitator training program. The candidate will access the website and follow the instructions to complete the training program. This will include the check of understanding, reading and other documentation. The check of understanding will be submitted by the candidate to the RTO, and feedback will be provided by the RTO to the candidate. When the RTO is satisfied that the candidate is competent he will inform the WIA office accordingly, and then, subject to the candidate having provided either an appropriate card or a national police check and otherwise complying with the requirements, the WIA will register the candidate as a WIA Learning Facilitator.

Everyone who wishes to qualify as a WIA Learning Facilitator are urged to download the application form available here, complete it and send it to the WIA office as soon as possible.


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