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2007 News Releases




Second Birthday of Foundation Licence

Date : 20 / 10 / 2007
Author : Michael Owen - VK3KI

The 19th October 2007 is the second anniversary of the introduction of the Foundation licence in Australia.

Just short of a year ago, the WIA announced that 1,000 people had qualified for the Foundation licence.

A year later, on the 19th October 2007, 1,834 people have been qualified by the WIA for the Foundation Licence.

"Not quite 1,000 a year, but very close" said WIA President, Michael Owen VK3KI. "A week ago I attended a lunch for the Presidents of the Queensland amateur radio clubs, and while Queensland has lagged behind Victoria and New South Wales in the number of people who have become Foundation licensees, the enthusiasm among those present for promoting amateur radio and the entry level licence in Queensland, persuades me that there is every prospect that in a further years time we may well be close to 3,000 people qualified for the Foundation licence. Of course, the rate at which the Foundation licensees are up-grading to Standard and Advanced will mean that we will have quite few less than 3,000 Foundation callsigns, but more Standard and Advanced callsigns."


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