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Further Reminder, 2 letter calls

Date : 19 / 04 / 2008
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As well as reminding amateurs generally that 30 April 2008 was the last date for comment on the proposed two-letter callsign process published jointly by the WIA and ACMA, WIA President Michael Owen VK3KI also reminded amateurs that 30 April 2008 was also the last date for the lodgment of an application for a review where a two-letter callsign has been lost as a result of a failure to renew a licence in due time.

Michael said “As is said in the paper setting out the process, it is necessary for the applicant to show exceptional circumstances as the reason for a failure to renew.

The paper gives some examples of exceptional circumstances, as follows: serious illness or bereavement, overseas travel or other significant incidence that occurred at the time the licence was due to be renewed.

I realize how it can be hard to identify the evidence supporting such an exceptional circumstance.

And also, I must tell you that some supporting documentary evidence is very important. Please do provide some documentary evidence. It could be a hospital account, or a medical report or even an overseas itinerary. In some circumstances it may be a statutory declaration.

But proper evidence is really important.

If you have already lodged an application, but really only told the story, may I may suggest you seriously consider adding to what you have already provided by now sending some documentary evidence.

And remember, you must lodge an application by 30 April, even if you have previously been in contact with ACMA about your two letter call sign.”


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