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2011 Club Grant Scheme Announced

Date : 28 / 04 / 2011
Author : Michael Owen - VK3KI

The WIA Board, at its recent face to face meeting, decided to allocate $6,000 to the Club Grant Scheme for 2011. It decided to support project falling into two categories, namely:

  Projects and activities to be conducted before 1 June 2012 to attract new amateurs, but focussed on people under 25; and
  Amateur radio projects that are useful and innovative and that utilise both information technologies and radio communications,

It will be up to the Grant Committee to recommend the distribution of the $6000 between the two categories of projects and between particular Grants.

The Grant Committee for 2011 will be Wally Howse VK6KZ, Bob Tait VK3XP and Peter Lowe VK3KCD. The Board has set the following timetable, namely the date by which applications for Grants are to be lodged shall be Monday 25 July 2011, the date by which the Grant Committee shall make its recommendation to the Board shall be Monday 26 September 2011 and the date by which the Grants for the 2010 year are to be announced shall be Monday 24 October 2011 or such later date as is fixed by the Board.

The Board has made changes to the Rules, in particular to ensure that adequate feedback is received as to the utilisation of any Grant. The new rule provides that:

“All grants are conditional upon the Affiliated Club receiving a Grant being obliged within a time specified by the WIA to provide a report on the utilisation of the Grant including:
(i) whether the objects of the Grant were achieved,
(ii) the steps taken to recognise the source of the Grant, and
(iii) evidence of the disbursement of the Grant monies.”

The Rules are to be found here on the WIA website, click the following Link to view the rules.

The Board stresses that this year all Clubs seeking grants shall be expected to submit their application using the application template on the WIA website, and are reminded that the Grant Committee will be instructed to pay particular attention to the number of WIA members in a club seeking a Grant.


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