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Keith Malcolm VK1KM SK

Date : 19 / 10 / 2011
Author : Michael Owen - VK3KI

Very many people in many countries were saddened by the sudden passing of Keith Malcolm VK1KM on Thursday, 13 October 2011. Professionally he retired as Joint Director of the Communication Laboratory of the Spectrum Management Agency, then to become a consultant to the Department of Communications in relation to digital television broadcasting and television black spots. He attended many ITU meetings as a member of the Australian delegation, and became widely known and respected.

Keith’s interest in amateur radio started in the 1960’s, in the very active Melbourne VHF Group. He became the Group’s President in the latter years of the 1960’s and his interest in VHF continued all his life. As he wound down his professional life, he contributed a great deal to amateur radio, participating in the preparatory meetings and study group meetings for the World Radiocommunication Conferences on behalf of the WIA, and as a member of the Australian delegation to WRC-03 and WRC-07 representing the amateur services nominated by the WIA.

He provided valuable advice to IARU Region 3 in relation to its participation in the APT’s APG, and valuable advice to the WIA in the standards area, particularly in relation to BPL and in relation to radiation exposure. Keith was known for the ability to express complex concepts simply, and a rare skill with written language.
Keith was awarded the Ron Wilkinson Award in 2005. The WIA and amateur radio is much poorer with the passing of Keith, an unassuming man of great knowledge and experience, who gave much through his representation and participation at the highest levels.


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