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High Power Trial - Tell us about your experiences

Date : 29 / 03 / 2013
Author : Phil Wait - VK2ASD

The 18 month 1kW High Power Trial, which commenced on 1 March 2012, has entered its evaluation phase. The ACMA is now gathering information about the trial such as; the general compliance with EMR standards; the incidence of interference complaints to other spectrum users; and how the trial has assisted radio amateurs to communicate. As part of that evaluation process the WIA has been asked to make a submission to the ACMA about the outcomes from the trial.

Because the ACMA doesn’t inform the WIA about who has taken part we do not know who the licensees are, so we can’t simply call a sample of people and ask how it’s going.
Instead, we need you to contact us and tell us about your experiences. We want to know how the high power trial has gone for you. In particular we would like to know:

  Have you found it easier to communicate with stations using the higher power and why?

  How did you find the whole EMR assessment process?

  Did you use an EMR assessment tool? Which one?

  Did you need to make changes to your antenna system or your property to comply with the exposure regulations?

  Are you aware of any increase in interference to domestic radio or television reception resulting from your operations at the higher power limit?

  Any other comments or experiences you would like to share?

Time is short, so please Email the WIA your comments ASAP and at least by the 10th April.
The High Power Trial is due to conclude on 31 August 2013, and we are hopeful that the 1kW limit will become a permanent feature for advanced licensee’s operating on the HF bands.
We are also hopeful that the higher power limit will be extended to the 160 metre band.
Phil Wait, VK2ASD


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