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2013 News Releases



UPDATE: Amateur Radio Antennas and Masts in NSW

28/ 12/ 2013   The regulation amending the State Environmental Planning Policy (SEPP) on exempt and complying development codes 2008 is now available online.
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Christmas Comment from the WIA President

23/ 12/ 2013   It’s been another busy year at the WIA and the end of the year is an opportune time to look back at the achievements, and some of the difficulties, of the past year.
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Amateur Radio Antennas and Masts in NSW

21/ 12/ 2013   From 22 February 2014, amateurs across NSW will have the freedom to put up masts, antennas and dishes unfettered by development restrictions previously imposed by local councils, which varied widely across the state.
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WIA Office Closure

20/ 12/ 2013   The Wireless Institute of Australia extends to all radio amateurs very best wishes for the festive season. The WIA office will be closed from 4:00pm Friday, 20th December reopening 10:00am, Monday, 13th January, 2014.
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50-52 MHz is open for business !

18/ 12/ 2013   As the last channel 0 station closed on 27 November 2013, the ACMA has advised that "amateur operations in the 50-52 MHz band will no longer need to be curtailed in order to avoid interference to channel 0 stations."
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IARU R3 Update

18/ 12/ 2013   Due to the very fine efforts of IARU Region 3 Chairman Gopal Madhavan VU2GMN and many of the other Region 3 volunteers, the IARU had a very nice booth at the 2013 World Telecom recently held in Bangkok.
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50-52 MHz and closure of the last Ch.0 station

07/ 12/ 2013   The WIA is informed that the last Channel 0 TV station is scheduled to close this month. The Institute understands that, following the closure of the NEN0 translator station at Tamworth in NSW, three sections of the Amateur LCD limiting 6m operation by advanced licensees will become inoperative.
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Radio Arcala Landscape Is One Short

07/ 12/ 2013   While driving to the Arctic region north of the city of Oulu at 65degrees North, you will now find the wintry landscape more naked than before.
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Telescope To Track Space Junk Using Youth Radio Station

05/ 12/ 2013   A combination of pop songs, talkback radio and cutting-edge science has enabled Australian astronomers to identify a way to prevent catastrophic, multi-billion dollar space junk collisions, a new study has revealed.
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ITU Study Group meetings: Geneva 19/11/2013 – 3/12/2013

05/ 12/ 2013   ITU Study Group 5 and its working parties met between 19 November and 3 December in Geneva. SG 5 is responsible for Systems and networks for the fixed, mobile, radiodetermination, amateur and amateur-satellite services.
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