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2013 News Releases



Hams in India provide emergency communications

26/ 06/ 2013   In northern India, the early seasonal monsoon rains are three times as heavy as usual, causing flooding, mudslides and a death toll of at least 800. The disaster caught everyone by surprise.
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Canada floods keep hams busy

24/ 06/ 2013   Swollen rivers and creeks have caused flooding over a wide swath of the southern part of Alberta in Canada.
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WIA Board Meets and Re-appoints Executive

22/ 06/ 2013   At its first meeting this past week, the new Board of the WIA for 2013-2104 re-elected the outgoing executive that steered the Institute since October last year, since the untimely death of Michael Owen VK3KI.
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VK3 Bogong High Plains Adventure

18/ 06/ 2013   This year's Bogong High Plains Winter Trip will run from the 5th to 9th of August. Heading out across the snowy wilderness, a team of amateurs and friends will ski through some of Australia's most stunning alpine landscapes.
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Changes to the Outwards QSL Service

15/ 06/ 2013   Two changes have been made to the Outwards QSL Service.
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Graham O'Brien VK2FA On The Super Radio Network

05/ 06/ 2013   Grahame O'Brien VK2FA managed to obtain a 20 minute interview with Carter Edwards on the Super Radio Network about coming to the AGM from Newcastle by car and Ham radio, the recording is available below.
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More Digital tests from Radio Australia

05/ 06/ 2013   Radio Australia will be conducting HF tests using digital text modes MFSK and FLARQ this weekend.
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