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2013 News Releases



Ready for the World ATV QSO

27/ 08/ 2013   ATVers around Australia will take part in the annual World ATV QSO Party this Friday and Saturday, through USA repeaters, some direct transmissions and others via Skype.
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Further good promotion for amateur radio

24/ 08/ 2013   Looking for a media hook to leverage some publicity for amateur radio has been effectively used by the revived Armidale and District Amateur Radio Club, located half-way between Sydney and Brisbane.
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Listen this weekend for ILLW activity

17/ 08/ 2013   The organiser of the International Lighthouse and Lightship Weekend requests VK Lighthouse Stations to refrain from transmitting during the opening address of the Remembrance Day Contest at 0300UTC August 17, as a mark of respect.
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2013 Remembrance Day Contest - Opening Address

16/ 08/ 2013   The RD contest commemorates the Amateurs who died during World War II and is designed to encourage friendly participation and help improve the operating skills of participants.
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New frequencies for wireless microphones

15/ 08/ 2013   Radio clubs are advised that many wireless radio microphones currently in use under a Class Licence with frequencies between the analogue TV broadcasting channels (520-820MHz), will become illegal as these frequencies are phased out later this year.
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4th APT (Asia Pacific Telecommunity) Workshop on Disaster Management & Communications

14/ 08/ 2013   Chairman of IARU Region 3 Mr Gopal Madhavan, VU2GMN, along with Ramon Anquilan DU1UGZ of PARA (Philipines Amateur Radio Association) attended and delivered a presentation to the 4th APT (Asia Pacific Telecommunity) Workshop on Disaster Management & Communications in Pasay City, Philipines on 23-25 July.
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ACMA Explains Reasons for Ending the High Power Trial

13/ 08/ 2013   The ACMA has posted a statement on its website concerning its decision to not continue the regulatory arrangements put in place for the High Power Trial, which ends on 31 August.
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High Power Trial Ends in August

10/ 08/ 2013   As all participants in the High Power Trial know, it ends on Sunday the 31st of August.
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2013 Remembrance Day Contest - Saturday 17th to Sunday 18th August

04/ 08/ 2013   Remembrance Day is uniquely Australian, created to remember and commemorate those who sacrificed lives, or their youth, in order that we can live in a free democracy.
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Lighthouse in the middle of Australia

02/ 08/ 2013   Known as a very big island nation, at the geographic centre of Australia and 1,500 kilometres from the coast is Alice Springs, which hosts the famous Henley-On-Todd Regatta each August - albeit on a usually dry river bed.
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The 3rd World ATV QSO Party

02/ 08/ 2013   An Amateur Television QSO Party will be held via the Melbourne-Geelong repeater VK3RTV and many other Australian & USA repeaters, hopefully European involvement with British Amateur Television Club streaming plus the use of Skype.
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