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2015 News Releases



Available Callsigns facility suspended

28/ 12/ 2015   The ACMA Spectra system currently appears to be experiencing a technical fault, as a result the available callsign listing on the WIA website has been temporarily suspended.
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Amateur Licence Conditions – latest moves

27/ 12/ 2015   The WIA is responding to a request by the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) to update the initial submission on the amateur licence conditions put to it last year.
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Busy time for the WIA Exam Service

26/ 12/ 2015   The month of December before the WIA national office closed for the summer holidays has seen the processing of many assessments and the issue of callsign recommendations.
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ANZAC Gallipoli Centenary callsigns end

26/ 12/ 2015   What a respectful conclusion reached by the ANZAC-suffixed callsigns on December 20 - the day in 1915 that ANZAC (Australian and New Zealand Army Corp) left Gallipoli.
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Pico balloon detected circumnavigating the earth

23/ 12/ 2015   The Aussie solar powered pico balloon PS-56 that had a catastrophic GPS tracking failure, has been tracked by its weak CW signal, having encircled the southern hemisphere.
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No 60m operation possible in VK

22/ 12/ 2015   While the Amateur Service gained a new band at 5 MHz at the World Radiocommunication Conference last November, it won’t be available in Australia and many other countries for quite a while.
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WIA ANZAC 100 closing address

21/ 12/ 2015   The Wireless Institute of Australia ran its ANZAC 100 campaign for eight months. This speech was given on December 20, through VK1WIA broadcast outlets.
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ANZAC callsigns all-out in final days

18/ 12/ 2015   To commemorate the Century of ANZAC, more than 50 ANZAC-suffixed callsign events have been held over the last eight months - but that all ends on this weekend.
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ANZAC 100 'last hurrah' in full swing

15/ 12/ 2015   The WIA ANZAC 100 'last hurrah' began at the weekend with commemorative ANZAC-suffixed callsigns in Victoria, Queensland, Perth and Darwin.
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Space Weather Services Review – Outcome

15/ 12/ 2015   The suggested withdrawal or reduction to a user-pays commercial operation of the Ionospheric Prediction Service (IPS) has been found to be ill-advised, and it will stay as a core function of the Bureau of Meteorology.
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Centenary of ANZAC on air ends soon

12/ 12/ 2015   The WIA ANZAC 100 program commemorating a century of that part of WW1 has entered its ‘last hurrah’ phase, with the ANZAC-suffixed callsigns on air for the next two weeks.
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Flood disaster in India - hams provide help

05/ 12/ 2015   When the torrential rain feel for several days in South India, numerous areas were flooded. Authorities, hundreds of houses submerged, and the death toll was at about 300 and rising.
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The WIA reviewing the WRC-15 outcomes

04/ 12/ 2015   The ITU World Radiocommunications Conference recently held in Geneva Switzerland has resulted in modified Radio Regulations that will become an international treaty in January 2017.
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Chris Platt VK5CP sworn in as a Commissioner of the Fair Work Commission, and resigns as a WIA Director

04/ 12/ 2015   At a ceremonial sitting in Adelaide on Friday 27 November 2015, presided over by the President of the Fair Work Commission, His Honour Justice Ian Ross, Mr Christopher Platt, VK5CP was formally sworn in as a Commissioner.
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Call for nominations

03/ 12/ 2015   This is an important notice concerning the call for nominations for the position of WIA Director.
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Callbook 2016 is now available

02/ 12/ 2015   This annual publication which contains a list of VK callsigns including those assigned to repeaters, packet systems and propagation beacons, is now available.
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