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2017 News Releases




A message from the 2017 Postal Ballot Returning Officer.

Date : 03 / 02 / 2017
Author : John Marshall WIA - 2017 Postal Ballot Returning Officer

The names of candidates seeking election to the Board of Directors of the Wireless Institute of Australia for the 2017 postal ballot is as follows: There are seven positions to be filled.

  James Linton - VK3PC
  Ewan McLeod - VK4TA
  Marcus Berglund - VK5WTF
  David Ford - VK5WP
  Brian Clarke - VK2GCE
  John Fisher - VK3DQ
  Fred Swainston - VK3DAC
  Garry Page - VK3ZGP
  Peter Clee - VK8ZZ
  Justin Giles Clark - VK7TW
  Philip Wait - VK2ASD
  Roger Harrison - VK2ZRH
  Gregory Kelly - VK2GPK

It is a pleasure to see such a large field of candidates.

Your ballot papers will be sent out soon.

It is important that you follow the directions on the ballot paper. Cross out the names of the candidates you do not vote for, leaving up to seven names not crossed out. Follow the instructions for placing the ballot paper into its proper envelope, and then the instructions for the outer envelope.

Your postal ballot paper must be returned to the National office (pre addressed on the outer envelope) arriving on or before close of business on *27 March 2017.

The Returning Officer will treat mail received by postal delivery or clearance from a post Office Box on the following day as being received on time. There will be only one Postal Box clearance on the day following the closing of the ballot.
See the WIA election regulations via this Link for full details.

John Marshall
2017 Postal Ballot Returning Officer

* Please note : This news release previously listed an incorrect closing date of 3rd April, which has been corrected.


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