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WIA election material in the post

Date : 21 / 02 / 2017
Author : John Marshall WIA - 2017 Postal Ballot Returning Officer

The Wireless Institute of Australia election information pack, the 13 statements by candidates, instructions, two envelopes and a coloured ballot paper is now with Australia Post due for delivery to financial WIA members this week.

The pack has been inserted in the WIA journal Amateur Radio magazine for March, while those who do not get an individual magazine paper copy will receive the same election information through Australia Post. The inserted pack is under the normal magazine address label sheet, and the mail-out letters, were confirmed on Monday February 20 as being with Australia Post. It should be received along with a WIA AGM Proxy Instrument mostly by the end of the week.

Voting is only permitted by financial members on the original ballot paper and using the supplied envelopes as set out in the instructions.

The election closes on the 27th of March. Its conduct is explained in the “Wireless Institute of Australia Regulation Postal Ballot for the Election of Directors”, that is on the WIA website via this Link.

The ballot paper list of candidate is:

Peter Clee
Roger Harrison *
David Ford
Gregory Kelly
Philip Wait *
Garry Page
James Linton
Marcus Berglund
Justin Giles-Clark
Brian Clarke
John Fisher
Ewan McLeod *
Fred Swainston *

* Retiring Director and eligible for re-election


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