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Calling All Radio Amateurs - IMSW

Date : 31 / 05 / 2018
Author : WIA

The Rockhampton and District Amateur Radio (RaDAR) will be operating call sign VK4GLA from HMAS Gladstone during the International Museum Ships Weekend on - 2-3 June 2018.

Ray Mulder VK4FRAL is a member of the RaDAR club and will be operating the club station from the museum ship and wants local radio operators to participate in the international event.

HMAS Gladstone is the only registered ship in Australia taking part and we will be using amateur radio equipment and the ship's antennas.

There is a great article about the event from the Gladstone Observer that can be found at the link below. Link

Thanks to Clive Sait VK4ACC RaDAR Club Secertary for passing on the story.

Picture taken by Mike Richards and sourced from the Gladstone Observer Article.

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