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WIA Responds To ACMA Consultation Paper On Amateur Qualifications Frameworks

Date : 04 / 07 / 2018
Author : WIA

In early June the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) released a consultation document regarding possible variations to the existing qualifications framework for the Amateur Operators Certificate of Proficiency.

The Wireless Institute of Australia is the peak body for Amateur Radio in Australia. There are approximately 14,000 Amateur Radio Licences issued in Australia. The WIA sought feedback from both members and the amateur community prior to producing its response to a document that is clearly contentious. Despite an abridged timeline the WIA received numerous well considered and thoughtful responses all expressing deep concern about the impact that the approaches identified in the ACMA consultation paper would have on amateur radio in Australia.

The President of the WIA, Mr Justin Giles-Clark said today that “ the Wireless Institute of Australia has produced a response to the ACMA entitled “Amateur Radio - The future of learning and assessment in Australia” which has been published on the Institute’s web site”.

“This response articulates why, in the view of the WIA, none of the options proposed by the regulator meet the regulator’s requirements and proposes a 4th approach that is believed to provide a better overall outcome to both the amateur community and the regulator” Mr Giles-Clark said.

The response was submitted to the regulator for their consideration on Monday the 2nd of July, 2018 and was distributed to the volunteer community of Nominated Assessors, Assessors and Learning Facilitators.

Key themes that resonate through all submissions received by the WIA is that our members and the broader amateur community strongly oppose any change to the amateur radio qualification framework that:

 results in a reduction in the social and community outcomes that amateur radio provides to approximately 14,000 Australian amateur operators, their clubs and the communities in which they operate; or
 exposes the hobby to further existential (high supply cost and low demand) risk; or
 Imposes additional barriers to entry for new operators or barriers to advancement for existing operators

For all enquiries regarding the WIA’s response please email

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