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2200m VK Beacon On Air

Date : 01 / 10 / 2018
Author : Caboolture Radio Club

The Caboolture Radio Club is proud to announce the commencement of operation of a new Beacon Station on the 2200m band.

The Australian Communications and Media Authority has granted permission for continuous operation of a Beacon on 137.444 kHz


Callsign: VK4RBC
Location: Caboolture, Queensland, Australia
Maidenhead: QG62lw
Frequency: 137.444 kHz
Mode: WSPR2 (6H00F1D) plus CW Ident
Power: 1 Watt EIRP
Antenna: 500m Long Wire, 40m max height
TX %: 50 %
Status: On Air

In the gaps between transmission, the station will report all WSPR decodes to Link

There are many beacons on 2200m operated by individuals like WH2XND. This beacon is a little different. It is an official beacon specifically licensed as such by the Australian Government. The first to be granted permission to operate below 28MHz. It has been given the frequency 137.444 only. It can not change frequency. It can not make QSOs.

It operates 24/7 and must be reliable, so that anyone can check their station at any time. It also receives, which is unusual for a beacon. Last night it got its first decodes of WH2XND, so its receiver is working well using that great long wire as the antenna for Tx and Rx. With WH2XND also reliable, we will now see exactly how good the path from USA to VK really is on 2200m.

Information sourced from the 600m mailing list and Roger, VK4YB, President Caboolture Radio Club.

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