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WIA Response to ACMA Approach to Market

Date : 02 / 12 / 2018
Author : WIA Education Group

WIA Response to ACMA Approach to Market

As many of you would know the ACMA released the Approach to Market (ATM) for the next deed to supply the Amateur Community with Exam and Callsign management services on their behalf - the current deed expires early next year.

The WIA Education Group was recently formed following an appeal to members by the WIA to form an expert team to respond to the ACMA call for tenders - known as the ATM. This group consists of
volunteers with many and varied experiences such as Legal, Education, Training & Assessment.

We would like to introduce ourselves:
Ron VK2DQ, Steve VK2LW, Elizabeth VK2XSE, Dr Harry Edgar VK6YBZ, Phil VK4PG, Sue Evans, Joseph VK5FJDE and David VK4QM.

Since the release of the Approach to Market our team has been working to provide a response that is in the best interest to the Amateur Radio Community and allows the most UpToDate and flexible delivery options for future Exams and Callsign management. We have taken what we feel were the best of delivery and service options within our current offerings as well as external sources such as the RSGB, ARRL & NZART to put together a world class approach for the Australian Amateur Radio Community now and into the future.

Our guiding principle for this whole process was to reduce barriers to entry with cost reduction, immediate delivery, quicker processing times as well as automating the process to ensure a smooth and quicker entry into the hobby. We have not only been able to achieve this but have addressed all of ACMAs mandatory and desired requirements as outlined in their approach to market.

Over the coming weeks as we move closer to the end of the current deed and what we believe will be our success in securing the future deed we will be expanding the education group to ensure that on day 1 we are ready to move into a brighter future for our Amateur Radio Community.

The Education Group will be working with the current Nominated assessors in the first instance, then with the wealth of experience and knowledge of Assessors and Learning Facilitators to build the examination system of the future. If you are an assessor or learning facilitator you will be hearing from us by email shortly.

The Education Group would like to thank WIA Members for their ongoing support of the WIA, who represent the whole of the Amateur Radio Community in Australia. With this new initiative for the exam and callsign management service we would like to invite past members as well as those who have never been a member to become members and support this great hobby into the future.

We wish to acknowledge Fred VK3DAC for all his tireless support of the WIA and for his service in delivering assessor and learning facilitator services under the 2009 deed. Without Fred's support over many years the WIA would not have been able to grow and move forward with this very important service for all in the Amateur Radio Community.

Whilst we won't know the outcome of the ATM tender selection process for some weeks, we are hopeful of a successful outcome. We have put together a comprehensive and forward-looking submission on behalf of the WIA, its members and also the entire Australian radio amateur cohort.

73 from David VK4QM from Roma Qld from the Education Group and we would like to thank our team and the WIA board for its support through this process and to our success as the Australian Amateur Radio community in growing and moving forward into the future together.

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