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Amateur Radio qualification and examination services continuity

Date : 13 / 12 / 2018
Author : WIA Education Team

Having now submitted the tender response to the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA), this communication is to provide you with an update on the WIA’s bid to continue to provide qualification and examination services on behalf of the ACMA.

In responding to the ACMA’s Approach to Market (ATM) we have not only met the mandatory requirements for the delivery of the statutory and non-statutory functions described in the ATM but have exceeded them by delivering all desired and optional requirements. Our new solution minimises third-party dependencies and current single point risks.

The WIA Education Team is now meeting firstly with WIA Nominated Assessors to bring them up to speed with the WIA’s vision for education and qualification of amateur operators. Then we will be extending these sessions to WIA Assessors and WIA Learning Facilitators in the very near future.

The WIA has received a number of queries regarding the status of new examinations beyond the end of the current deed in February 2019. In the event the WIA is successful our proposal contains provisions to allow examinations to continue without interruption. The WIA is actively engaged with the ACMA to ensure that WIA does not impede a smooth transition to a new provider in the event we are not successful.

Approximately 8 weeks ago the WIA put out a public appeal for interested amateur operators and stakeholders to form a team to produce the WIA’s response to the ACMA’s ATM.

In response to this call we received positive responses from 12 people from the amateur community including both members and non-members all of whom were accepted and provided the opportunity to participate. Of these, 11 chose to form the new WIA Education Team and participate in developing a response which, if accepted by the ACMA, represents a substantial evolution for both the overall amateur community and WIA in Australia.

The Education Team has adopted a broader vision that seeks to satisfy the social aspects of amateur radio whilst maintaining a vigorous approach to examination, callsign approval and management. Our proposal places significant emphasis on ensuring that future solutions to amateur radio examination and qualification scale readily to meet expanding demand.

Our solution employs best of breed technologies to expand geographic reach, increase depth of penetration within the community, permit tighter turnaround times and reduce the ongoing management cost to the ACMA, WIA and broader amateur community.

Kind regards
The WIA Education Team

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