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The WIA is pleased to announce a new contest on the calendar.

Date : 05 / 01 / 2022
Author : Alan VK4SN

The WIA is pleased to announce a new contest on the calendar. The WIA Australia Day Contest taking place on Wednesday 26th of January 2022.

This is a trial contest and has a few quirks.

The rules are derived from the RD so you can think of it as a Summer RD. Alan VK4SN and Trent VK4TS brainstormed the concept and presented it to the WIA board only last week. They were able to turn out the approval within days, so positive was the feedback.

The nitty gritty - The Contest starts midnight 25th January on the east coast and extends until midnight on the west coast. (Daylight Saving) a 27 hour Contest.

Dust off those fancy 2X1 Contest callsigns and be ready for a heap of different calls on the band.

Remember your ACMA issued VK prefix callsign (non 2x1) can be replaced by AX on Australia Day.

We are also locking in Anzac Day April 25th for a repeat performance.

Full contest details via this Link

Trent VK4TS and Alan VK4SN

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