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2022 News Releases



Have you recently renewed you Amateur Radio Licence with ACMA?

27/ 10/ 2022   A number of Amateur Radio operators have recently reported that their Amateur Radio licences have shown up on the ACMA RRL database as “Expired” when they have previously been successfully renewed well prior to the expiry date.
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ACMA proposals on Class Licensing – WIA responding

27/ 10/ 2022   A number of sticking points in the ACMA’s proposed amateur class licence and considerations for higher power operation have been identified by the Working Group developing the Wireless Institute's response.
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ACMA proposals on Class Licensing and high power – WIA working on response

05/ 10/ 2022   A Working Group has hit the ground running to develop the Wireless Institute of Australia’s response to the ACMA’s proposal on Class Licensing and high power operation by Advanced amateurs. Deadline for responding to the ACMA’s proposals is 29 November. The ACMA intends to implement the proposed arrangements from 1 July 2023.
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Transatlantic Centenary Tests

01/ 10/ 2022   The RSGB are hosting an International Radio event, The Transatlantic Centenary Tests, on the HF bands, for the month of December 2022, to celebrate the centenary of the Transatlantic success of the RSGB in December 1922.
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