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Celebrate 90 years of AR magazine with VK90AR

Date : 21 / 09 / 2023
Author : Roger Harrison VK2ZRH

Celebrate 90 years of AR magazine with VK90AR

Date : 19August 2023

Authors : Tom George VK3DMK and Bruce Kendall VK3WL/9V1WL

Activate VK90AR to celebrate 90 years of continuous publication of Amateur Radio magazine.

In October 2023, Amateur Radio magazine (AR), the official journal of the WIA, reaches 90 years of continuous publication.

To mark this milestone, the WIA has obtained the special event call sign VK90AR for use by any member of the WIA as well as any affiliated club.

Use of VK90AR expires on 31 December 2023.

Apply on the WIA website Online Event Calendar, at: Link

From the left hand menu column –
  choose Submit A Calendar Event.
  this opens the Event Registration Form.

To complete the form, enter your details like this:
- Your Name: Kim Smith or Rosemary Kopp, etc
- Your Callsign: VK1ZYX
- Your Email,or vk1zyx@coldmail.dum
- Club Or Group Running The Event:if just you – enter your call sign (e.g. VK1ZYX); for a club, enter the club’s name (e.g. Capital Amateur Radio Club).

The calendar event will be registered to you or your group.

- Event Name or Title: VK90AR-VK1ZYX(your callsign)
- Category:select VK90AR from the menu
- State:e.g. VK1 – ACT, or VK9
- Event Date:e.g.25/12/2023
- Event Duration (in days):e.g. 2 (or 1, or scroll to 5, etc); you chose how long you/the club want to use it.
- Event Start Time:your local time (e.g. for VK1)
- Event End Time:your local time (e.g. for VK1)
- Event Brief Description: Activation of VK90AR by (e.g.) VK1ZYX
- Event Detailed Description:give a detailed description of frequencies/modes/operators, etc.

 An email approving the registration, or otherwise, will be sent to you by the event managers.

All VK90AR activations must be logged electronically (hardcopy cannot be accepted) using one of the many amateur radio logging applications that are ADIF compatible (Amateur Data Interchange Format).For example –VKCL, N1MM, Log4OM, DXKeeper, HRD, et al.

 Logs are to be emailed to the event managers, at:

Logs will be consolidated and uploaded to Logbook of The World (LoTW) for generation and distribution of QSL cards from M0OXO QSL Manager Services.

An example of the QSL card front page design can be seen at p.14 AR Vol 91, No 4, 2023, or under Files for Download at: Link

More Information:
Further information about Amateur Radio magazine, plus back issues (for member download), are at: Link

Archived copies of AR, from 1933 to 2012, are available online,at: Link Link Link

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