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WIA Submission to ACMA - September 2023

Date : 28 / 09 / 2023
Author : Peter Clee - VK8ZZ

WIA Submission to Australian Communications and Media Authority Consultation paper

The Wireless Institute of Australia has made a detailed submission to our regulator the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA). This submission was an excellent collaboration between the WIA Education Committee and the WIA Spectrum Strategy Committees.

These committees used online collaboration tools which are one of the great things to come of the different ways we live and work in recent years. Especially useful to us given that we have committee members from all over Australia and overseas.

The WIA is positive about the direction that the ACMA is taking in relation to setting up the Assessment service from February 2024 when the Deed expires with the AMC.

The submission asks some key questions that include - why there is a 50 km limit for remote assessments, use of home premises, public liability cover, digital literacy concerns, and seeks further clarification about the process and recognition of prior learning, as well as fees and charges.

There are also some questions about how the transition process will work along with ensuring and maintaining the integrity of the assessor system.

The Board og the WIA would like to thank the members of the WIA Education Committee and the WIA Spectrum Strategy committee for their input and to Justin Giles-Clark VK7TW for bringing it all together.

The following are links to relevant ACMA documents relating to the consultation:

Consultation Paper - Link

Attachment A - Draft Amateur Radio Qualification Framework - >Link

Attachment B - Draft Amateur Radio Examination Rules - Link

Attachment C - Draft Accredited Assessor Guidelines -Link

Attachment D - Draft Class Licence and supporting arrangements -Link

Class licence and higher power document that was released at the same time as the above and outlines how they are going to implement the Class Licence -Link

You can find a copy of the WIA submission to the ACMA on the link below.

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WIA Submission to ACMA Consultation September 2023
WIA Response to the ACMA Consultation 08_2023.pdf

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