Web and Digital redevelopment - call for volunteers

The WIA is embarking on a program of work to restructure its digital strategy and media channels.   Want to know more ?

Office closure for the Christmas New Holiday

The WIA office in Bayswater will close on December 22 and re-open in the New Year at 11am (AEDT) on Wednesday 24 of January 2018.   Want to know more ?

Amateur Radio magazine a new beginning

The December Amateur Radio magazine is its final monthly edition and to come out as a bi-monthly in 2018.    Want to know more ?

The Election of WIA Directors – Call for Nominations

Under the WIA Constitution the Board of Directors has decided that there will be a postal ballot for three directors.    Want to know more ?

Four Australian Ground Stations Provide HAMTV Chain For ARISS Contact

Four Australian Ground Stations Provided a Chained HAMTV service for a successful ARISS school contact for 'Ilaria Alpi' in Italy with Astronaut Paolo Nespoli IZØJPA   Want to know more ?

WIA policies, regulations and procedures

The Wireless Institute of Australia (WIA) board of directors in their meeting each month are reminded of the established policies, which are reviewed by directors at least once every three years.   Want to know more ?

Australis Oscar 5 history

A well-researched and illustrated story on Australia’s first home-grown satellite will appear in the WIA journal Amateur Radio magazine.   Want to know more ?

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