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VK4 Centenary

VK100WIQ Award

About the award

The Centenary Call Sign, VK100WIQ will be activated
across the State of Queensland for the period of June 1st
through to July 31st 2012, on all Amateur Bands.
Contacts via Terrestrial Repeaters will also count as contacts. Radio Clubs across Queensland will host VK100WIQ in three day blocks.

This award celebrates a century of the Wireless Institute in Queensland. From its humble beginnings in 1912, the Wireless Institute in Queensland has flourished over the past 100 years.

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The Centenary Call sign VK100WIQ will be active on air
from June 1st to July 31st 2012.You will find it on HF, VHF, & UHF. It will be activated by Wireless Institute affiliated Radio Clubs.

To qualify for the Centenary Award in Australia Amateur Operators are required to contact VK100WIQ at least 10 times.
This must be over 10 different "Three Day Periods", where a different Radio Club hosts the call sign each time.

For Radio Amateurs outside Australia, the requirement will be 5 contacts with VK100WIQ, over 5 different "Three Day Periods", where a different Radio Club hosts the call sign each time.

  Any mode may be used, cross mode and cross band contacts are permitted.
  Contacts via Satellites and Terrestrial Repeaters are also permitted for this Award.
  Australian Operators who qualify for the award are required to send $5-00 to the Award Manager, at the address listed below with a list of the contacts made by date and time. Please ensure that cheques are made payable to WIA.
  Overseas Radio Operators who qualify, are required to send $10-00 US, and a list of contacts made by date and time.

Claims for the Award

Both Australian and Overseas Award claims should be finalized by January 2013

Website and Details

The WIA Website, under the heading News & Events, followed by VK4 Centenary lists the dates and the activation times and locations of the Radio Clubs hosting VK100WIQ.

How to find VK100WIQ

The best way to find VK100WIQ is to listen about on the HF Amateur Bands, or visit the WIA Website.
Here you can check the Club Roster for VK100WIQ, and from there the Club itself will probably offer more
specific details of their schedule and operation.

Address Details

VK100WIQ Award Manager
PO Box 343

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