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Amateur Radio Central West Group


PO Box 9083
Bathurst NSW 2795


In March 2012 a small group of Licenced Amateur Radio Operators and friends, in Orange NSW, decided to form a new group dedicated to promotion of and participation in radio communications and electronics in a convivial atmosphere with minimal formalities.

The "Amateur Radio Central West Group"was inaugurated at a meeting convened on 15th April 2012. ARCWG is not incorporated.


Group meetings are held every two months on the first Sunday of February, April, June, August, October and December each year (unless otherwise advised) at Orange SES HQ MclachLan St Orange.

Arrive 1100 onwards, business session 1200 followed by lunch then rag chew, technical talk and camaraderie.

Club Activities & Events

The Group Net on 3.653 MHz is held Wednesday nights at 1930 NSW Local time. All stations are welcome to check in.

Our Repeater VK2RCW is on 147.200Mhz +600Khz and a net is convened each Monday and Friday evenings at 1930 NSW Local time.

A UHF Repeater,on 439.300MHz -5Mhz is operational and is cross linked with the 2 Meter repeater.

Group activities include Field Day Events, Contests (second placing in Multi-Single 2012 RD contest) and Oceania DX Contest's, Social Outings and Fund Raising events in addition to Training Classes and Equipment, & building Projects (e.g. Mt. Lindsay Repeater VK2RCW)

The group has adopted a policy of meeting with other ARC's to explore matters of mutual benefit.

A meeting with the Orana Region ARC at Dubbo in April 2014 was enjoyable,informative and proved the value of person to person contact.
The ORANA ARC reciprocated by attending our June meeting of that same year.
Friendly interaction continues between our two clubs.

Amateur Radio Central West Group Meeting Location

Training Courses And Assessment Information

WIA approved Training and Assessment Officers:

ARCWG are currently undertaking training to fill these positions in our group.

Club Contact Details

Amateur Radio Central West Group
PO Box 9083
Bathurst NSW 2795

Phone : 0417 665 661
Email :


John Martin VK2EJM
Phone : 0200000000

Garry Sewell VK2GLJ
Email :

Ross Wilson VK2ER
Email :


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