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Tamworth Radio Club


PO Box 4
Tamworth NSW 2340


Welcome to TRCI - Tamworth Radio Club Inc.

Our club represents Amateur Radio in the Tamworth & North West region of NSW by actively promoting the hobby through the provishion of repeters, training & meeting nights, plus technical hands-on activities.


The Club's meeting place is the Oxley Scout Group hall in Carthage Street Tamworth and we meet the First Friday in the month at 7.30pm, after the meeting we have coffee and tea.
Our alternative meeting place is McDonalds on Marius Street, please check on our Facebook Group page for meeting place confirmation.

Rag Chew Night

A regular club get together is held on air on ether of the club repeaters on 146.850 or 146.750 every Sunday night. But beware, this is also the time for some harmless skullduggery by some of the members!



VK2RTM 146.750 Mhz -600 Khz offset.
No input tone is required and no output tone is added.
Located on Mount Crawney near Nundle, New South Wales, in the Dingo State Forrest. This site has coverage extending to Singleton in the Upper Hunter to the south, Bendemeer to the north, Walcha to the east and Coonabarabran to the west.

VK2RMO 146.850 Mhz -600 Khz offset.
No input tone is required*. 91.5Hz CCTSS is added to the output.
Located near Tamworth this repeter provides good coverage of The City of Tamworth providing easy hand held operation.
*Note a 91.5 Hz CTCSS on the input is required between 9.45AM and 11.30AM Sundays to prevent interference from the WIA news link to VK2RCC. No tone is required at other times.

VK2RAA 439.375 Mhz -5 Mhz offset.
No input tone is required and no output tone is added.
Located in Tamworth this is a quite repeater for that long rag chew!!

VK2RTM-1 145.175 Mhz Simplex
A wide2 APRS Digi covering Tamworth & south to Aberdeen, North to Uralla, east to Walcha and west to Narrabri. This digi is the mainstay of APRS coverage in the North West.

VK2RCC-1 145.175 Mhz Simplex
A wide2 APRS Digi located south of Coonabarabran. This Digi is provided with the assistance of the Orana Region Amateur Radio Club. and provides coverage south from Orange to Walget in the North West.

VK2RMO-1 145.175 Mhz simplex
A wide1 digi providing coverage in and around Tamworth NSW.

VK2RMO ATV (Nearing completion)
An ATV repeater providing inputs on 23cm FM and 70cm output. Lookout for this one on Ch16 on your TV.

The club has several other repeater projects under planning, construction and testing.

Club Activities & Events

Tamworth Radio Club operates in Contests, Field Days , Jota , Antenna building and construction nights, Fox hunts and Balloon Launches

Tamworth Radio Club Meeting Location

Training Courses And Assessment Information

The club holds regular exams for Licensing.

Training And Assessment Contact

Club training course coordinator

John Press VK2YGV (2-050)
Phone : 0427681893
Email :

Club Contact Details

Tamworth Radio Club
PO Box 4
Tamworth NSW 2340
Phone : 0412083079 (President, Corry Taylor)
Email :


Corry Taylor VK2HEX
Phone : 0429002477
Email :

Ash Anderson VK2XSO
Phone : Contact via FB Messenger
Email :

Mark Austin VK2JMA
Phone : 0429002477
Email :


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