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Amateur Radio Victoria


40G Victory Boulevard
Ashburton Vic 3147


Amateur Radio Victoria is a statewide membership organisation. Its activities include:

Australia's finest amateur repeater network
Education, Training & Licence Assessment Service
A weekly on air net to help new radio amateurs get started
Appropriate & effective publicity for amateur radio and its promotion
Advice on interference issues and local government radio mast applications

More information can be found below or visit our comprehensive website


Annual General Meeting of Amateur Radio Victoria
(WIA Victorian Division) Held in May.

Regular meetings of the homebrew group are held on the first Saturday of the month.
Please check the web site for further details.

Club Activities & Events

Operating awards:-

The Keith Roget Memorial National Parks Award promotes portable activity in Victoria's national parks.

Victorian Local Government Award based on amateur radio activity to and from the states 79 municipal areas.

Full details can be found in the Awards section of the Amateur Radio Victoria website.

Regular Participation in:-

International Lighthouse and Lightship weekend held in August.
JOTA held in October.

Amateur Radio Victoria Meeting Location

Training Courses And Assessment Information

Amateur Radio Victoria holds Foundation Licence Training and Assesments once a month and is a major provider of Amateur Radio Training in Victoria.

Assessments for all amateur radio licence available. Occasional bridging upgrade courses also.

Upcoming Courses and Assessments

Upcoming Courses and Assessments
Foundation Licence

Regular training and licence assessment weekends are held. Check the Amateur Radio Victoria website for more details.
Standard and Advance Licences
Assessments for these licences are available on the same weekends at the Foundation Licence assessments.
Occasional bridging courses are held for Foundation Licensees wanting to upgrade to the Standard Licence.
All enrolments and inquiries to or contact Barry Robinson VK3PV or 0428 516 001

Training And Assessment Contact

Club training course coordinator

Peter Cossins VK3BFG
Phone : 03 9885 9261
Email :

Club Contact Details

Amateur Radio Victoria
40G Victory Boulevard
Ashburton Vic 3147
Phone : 03 9885 9261
Email :


Barry Robinson VK3PV
Phone : 03 9885 9261
Email :

Ross Pittard
Email :

Ross Pittard VK3CE
Email :


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