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Eastern & Mountain District Radio Club

VK3ER, VK3BNW, VJ3E & Repeater VK3REC

PO Box 87
Mitcham VIC 3132


The interest and enthusiasm in those early days has continued through the years and now the club, as an incorporated body under the guidance of an annual elected committee, provides a variety of activities and functions for the mutual enjoyment of its members. Today, the Main Meeting are held at the Clubrooms Burwood, at which it is usual to have an excellent guest speaker, are held on the first Friday of each month.

Over the years, EMDRC Inc members have often taken a leading approach to new technologies and special interests such as satellite communications, computing, enhanced data transmission, the Internet communications ang High Altitude Ballooning, have been familiar topics in the monthly club meeting.


Our clubrooms and Club meetings are held at the EMDRC clubrooms 13a McCubbin Street Burwood. Situated within the RF quiet suburban back streets of Burwood, the EMDRC clubrooms are the ideal location for a huge variety of club activities. The clubrooms offers a large first floor meeting hall as well as dedicated EMDRC rooms on the ground floor.

Club Activities & Events

Club members have contributed towards providing extended communications for amateurs, particularly those located in the eastern suburbs and hill districts, by establishing and maintaining a VHF voice repeater - VK3REC.

A number of members regularly participate in the various contests sponsored by the Wireless Institute of Australia and kindred international organisations. Weekend pilgrimages are made annually to selected locations from which the club station VK3ER is activated in the contest mode. Club station VK3ER holds a regular club radio net and has operated for many years on the 2 meters. To encourage contacts with its members, the club sponsors the Southern Cross Award, as evidenced by the unique certificates which now grace the walls of many ham shacks around the world.

Although primarily serving the eastern side of Melbourne and the Dandenongs, the club's membership, which currently stands at over 240, is drawn from a wide area including country Victoria, interstate, and even overseas. The assistance and encouragement freely given to new members, and particularly to beginners, engenders the spirit which has made belonging to the EMDRC Inc something of which members can be justifiably proud.

Eastern & Mountain District Radio Club Meeting Location

Training Courses And Assessment Information

The club runs Foundation and upgrade to Standard/Advanced courses subject to demand, for students of all ages. There are usually 2-3 Foundation courses per year, and 1 upgrade. If you would like more information please complete the Contact Form.

Upcoming Courses and Assessments

Advance and Standard Licence Course.
To see the course details, have a look at the Advance and Standard Licence Courses page.
If you would like more information or are interested in attending the Advance and Standard Licence Course, please complete the Contact Form on that page.

Training And Assessment Contact

Club training course coordinator

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Club Contact Details

Eastern & Mountain District Radio Club
PO Box 87
Mitcham VIC 3132
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Martin Phillip VK3TMP
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David Williams VK3RU
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Peter Forbes VK3QI
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