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Frankston & Mornington Peninsula Amateur Radio Club


Post Office Box 65
Patterson Lakes VIC 3197


FAMPARC radio club is located in the radio noise free area of Cornish College at Bangholme east of Melbourne. Our club has a long history back to 1975 and in 2015 we celebrated our 40th anniversary.
We have permanent, independent club rooms where members can meet and use our well equipped radio shack and test bench.


FAMPARC club rooms are located in the grounds of Cornish College Riverend Rd Bangholme.
The club meets Wednesday and Saturday mornings between 9.30 and 1.00
On days the college is operating visitors are required to sign in at the office.
On Saturday the gate to the college may be locked please call the club on 146.425 or phone 0490 900 279

Club Activities & Events

Our club station has been in use since 2004 and is available to all suitably licensed members. Our Icom rig can be switched between a fan dipole for 80 through 30 metres or a rotatable Log Periodic beam. We also have a SPE Expert amplifier. Being in a quiet RF location the e station is very useful for members in a noisy area or cannot have a beam at their QTH.

Every Tuesday evening at 2000 hrs we have a 2 metre net on 146.425 simplex. Net coordinator is Bill VK3MMM. The net is open to all members and visitors are most welcome to call in.

Frankston & Mornington Peninsula Amateur Radio Club Meeting Location

Club Contact Details

Frankston & Mornington Peninsula Amateur Radio Club
Post Office Box 65
Patterson Lakes VIC 3197
Phone : 0490 900 279
Email :


Mani Subramani VK3SRS
Phone : 0469 870 413

Peter Bargholz VK3SC
Phone : 0425753342
Email :

Bruce Bathols VK3UV
Phone : 0418 386 030
Email :


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