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Sunraysia Radio Group


PO Box 76
Mildura VIC 3502


** Club member activities include general operating, ATV, satellite, moon bounce, digital, vintage radio restoration, general electronics and home brew projects.

** Club Awards 2018 - 19 year.
Voting for the awards took place at our AGM with the winners, Max Folie Club Achievement Award. Max Brighton VK3ZMT & Graham Kenny VK3FTEC (joint winners)

VK3ATN Technical Merit Award - John Williams VK2AWJ.


And again our AGM has had to be re scheduled, and the date,the 19th of September.

And that meeting is to be run on the two metre repeater VK3RMA. (Something different?).

Further details will be circulated prior to that date.

Club Activities & Events

Again due to Covid-19 restrictions, our club home brew meeting will also be run on the two metre repeater.

Wednesday the 1st of September at 1-30pm.
Have your project and other notes ready.

Sunraysia Radio Group Meeting Location

Upcoming Courses and Assessments

Club Contact Details

Sunraysia Radio Group
PO Box 76
Mildura VIC 3502

Phone : 0427 000 799
Email :


Brian Young VK3BBB VK2CCP
Phone : 0409 420 789
Email :

Jill Sparks
Phone : 0427 000 799
Email :

Therese Tisler
Phone : 0414 742 143


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