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Banana Shire Repeater Association Inc.


3A Murchision Street
Biloela QLD 4715


Banana Shire Repeater Association owns and maintains 4 Repeaters on the top of Banana Range (Hill 600)
Banana Range is located between the towns of Banana and Biloela and sits at a height of just over 600 Metres above sea level (ASL).
Banana Range is also able to be activated as a SOTA site having the SOTA ID of VK4/CA-032


UHF CB Channels
UHF CB 2 (WON02) Mt Spencer- For General Use and Back-Up Communications for the Wowan and surrounding areas during floods

UHF CB 5 (VHP05) Banana Range- For Emergency Use, monitored by fellow club members as well as Emergency Services

UHF CB 7 (BIL07) Banana Range- For General Chat and local Communications & Back-Up Communications for the Banana Shire during floods

Amateur Repeaters
VK4RCQ 2 Metre- 147.000 Mhz -600Khz, No CTCSS, linked to Echolink Node: VK4RCQ-R #781664

VK4RCQ 70CM- 439.875 MHZ -5Mhz, No CTCSS Required to use, But TX's a 91.5 Tone for TQSL use if required, Not currently linked.

WE are also looking at in the future installing a D-STAR Repeater within the Banana Shire, possibly on Banana Range


If you are interested in becoming a member of our club or simply wish to find out any information, please don't hesitate to contact our Club Secretary Ian Wells (details listed below)

President: Errol Johnson (NOT LICENSED)
Club Secretary / Treasurer: Ian Wells (VK4FNAA)
Repeater Repair & Maintenance / Technical Officer : Ian Wells (VK4FNAA)
DIGITAL Voice / APRS / Publicity Officer: Brandon (VK4VIP)


Fellow club memeber regularly meet at Kerinvale Comaudio (3a Murchison Street Biloela) to meet and have a chat, all are welcome at Ian VK4FNAA's Communications shop during business hours.

Club Activities & Events

A 2 Metre APRS Digipeter is also planned and currently under construction by Brandon VK4VIP for the Banana Range and will be on the national frequency of 145.175 MHz (THIS HAS BEEN DELAYED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE)

The club has refurbished the old UHF CB Repeater Channel 2 repeater from Mt Spencer (WOWAN) with thanks to Ian VK4FNAA, The repeater has been re-establish again for use by the general public and also during flood events in and around the Wowan area and surrounding areas.
License Has been GRANTED and is licensed as WON02, repeater is now installed and on-air using a temp antenna on Mt Spencer off the side of the repeater box.

We broadcast the WIA National News as well as Q News every Sunday Morning at 9AM (23:00 UTC) via our 2 Metre repeater as well as it been simulcasted via our Echolink Node VK4RCQ-R #781664

Banana Shire Repeater Association Inc. Meeting Location

Training Courses And Assessment Information

The club can also assist with gaining information and study material for anyone who wishes to gain there Amateur Radio License

Training And Assessment Contact

Club training course coordinator

Brandon Gordon VK4VIP
Email :

Club Contact Details

Banana Shire Repeater Association Inc.
3A Murchision Street
Biloela QLD 4715
Phone : 0749922449 or 0409159932
Email :


Errol Johnson
Phone : 0409159932

Ian Wells VK4FNAA
Phone : 0409159932
Email :

Ian Wells


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