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Aspects Of The Hobby

Low Power Radio

QRP is a real personal Challenge

Would you expect the light from a small torch (equal to the energy radiated by five candles, or about 50 with the use of a reflector) which is switched on in Melbourne, to be seen in Sydney, Brisbane, or America? Of course not! Yet in radio terms such a thing is possible and happens as one of the many facets of Amateur Radio.

This is the world of "QRP" or Low Power Operation, where the goal is to reach as far as you can with as little transmitter power as possible. Why? Yes, it seems strange when 100 watts is the norm, to want to transmit with five watts or much less - milliwatts. But it is the challenge of making your antenna as efficient a radiator as possible. You may also like the challenge of making your own radios. QRP is a challenge to succeed with limited resources, and for many of its devotees it satisfies their desire to experiment, learn, and have fun. If part or all of this sounds like it's something that might interest you. Contact the WIA or you nearest radio club. A full list of Australian Radio clubs can be found by following the "radio Clubs" link at this WebSite.

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